He held her so close to him she never wanted to let go.
He told her he loved her, was she really the one?
He promised her forever, but never gave her always.
He was a christian, and she was still finding her way.
He raised her heart so high, then dropped everything she was.
Her heart ached for him, yet he was with another,
she cried so many tears, she felt broken.
She hides all her pain inside, just for you and me.
She was hiding the light that was slowly begin to fade.
The looked so perfect together, but really they were both hurting.
She had this glow in her eyes, so beautiful and so kind.
But we no longer see that. Just a pretty face with a fake smile.
She has so much to lock away,
so many tears to hide,
so much heartache it's unbearable.
So many nights she wanted to let go, she's afraid people will judge and curse her.
They'll look at her differently, they might not like her.
She wants to be accepted, she wants to blend in.
It's easier to mask her pain, if no one knows.

#problems #life #battles #loveandhate #bestfriend

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