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The day she found herself 

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Breaking all the shackles

Throwing away all the chains

that were holding her

she finally got rid of the  pain


She drew strength

just  from within

that was the day she found herself

and realized chasing dreams was not a sin


Pleasing everyone

was not her wish anymore

focusing on herself

became her aim of soul


It was very taxing

To identify her tr...

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It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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Dear Santa,

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Dear Santa, 


I've been extra good this year



All I want is a cure for my

rare brain disease because

see Santa I was given this

disease before I left my

mothers womb so long

ago now



But life since that time has

been up and down daily like

a rocking roller coaster riding

throughout a non-stoppable

hurricane that is enough to

drive one ...

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A word underused

A word that’s abused

So small, yet a powerful beckoning of call

A word remembered by all.


What makes me laugh

When fighting in a brawl

Is the fact the speaker doesn’t understand

That in the 21st century

This word has changed

And enters into a new plan.


To be blunt and to the point

To use the word Cunt! Means not a lot

At all.



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Feel It

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Feel it with all your might
Feel it with all that’s insight
Feel it tonight
Feel it regardless of your fight
Feel the laughter and pain hitting right
Feel it like the wind lashing off the winter night

Feel it again
Feel it over and over again
Feel it like you can’t pretend
Feel life like it’s your friend

Feel it for all that’s lost with no end
Feel it again
Feel it while delivering...

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Charles Bukowski (Way He Writes)

Charles Bukowski

   Charles Bukowski was quite a character. Bukowski relied on experience, emotion, and imagination in his work, using direct language and violence and sexual imagery. Many people found his writing offensive. He writes with a nothing-to-lose truthfulness which makes him different from most writers. Bukowski was very much into alcohol, sex and even violence. Bukowski went to scho...

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Show me the country ...

Show me the country

Where they glorify the torture.

Where people are hungry

And the well- known murderer,

Can walk freely and be free.

Show me the country

Where everyone is deceived

And the people are cleaved,

The backward there means forward,

Where to say the truth is awkward.

Don’t rotate the globe

With a hope to find this country.

You won't find it on the pl...

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Not knowing where it is,
No idea,
No recollection,
Anxiety, guilt,
Fear that it is about
Much more than
The object,
A transition to
Something else.


Don't miss my unique poetry books.

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Hiding in the dark

Sun beams through a rough parchment

Glimpse of a rainbow

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When the truth hurts

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My heart hurts and rage runs through my veins and even though I don't know her I can still feel her pain.
This right here hurts and it's not because of her race. It's the fact it's another human being that because of crooked cops they have deformed another face.
Everyone has something say but in reality the real matters of this country they try to ignore.

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'x' not working

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The 'x' on my keyboard isn't working

so no sex on the beach in Sussex

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Left Alone | A Poem by Guy Farmer

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It didn't work out,
Maybe because it 
Wasn't meant to be but,
More likely, due to
His penchant for 
Trying to force 
Something to happen
When it really
Should be left alone
On its own path.


Read more of my deep short poems at https://www.unconventionalbeing.com/.


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Uncle Seamus

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Uncle Seamus was quite infirm

and couldn't get up the stairs

So he lived and slept in the living room

but still managed two affairs


The first with a local widow

who set his heart on fire

the second one more ambitious

with the Malvern Hills Girls Choir


He kept himself quite healthy

though his hygiene wasn't best

just washing round the edges

of his sweat-...

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Rule Britannia?

What with all the omnishambles of Brexit, I got to thinking about what our national identity really is.  When you think about it, we have some pretty bizarre national symbols, but ultimately what does it mean to be British / English, etc?  See what you think of this...


Rule Britannia?


Our national dish is curry, true,

Our Saint is George who dragons slew,

From Yorkshire field...

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Unhappy Hunting Ground

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Here they come in droves,

the humble pot boilers 

to worship at the feet 

of the traitorous elite

with hair pulled out in clumps 

in frustration at those

unable to muster 

the inspiration to rise 

above the level of lacklustre 


Now nowhere to be found,

The Enterprising have packed up their teepees 

and headed for a happier hunting ground

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If you're a victim of knife crime in Southwark

you know when you're being attacked,

but across the Thames in Westminster

they'll stab you in the back

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Cultivating Life

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A traffic jam that spans an entire epoch

Is followed by daily punishments of

Dreary Sisyphean meanderings,

Followed by even more traffic

In sweltering heat and sticky humidity.


With all energy drained from

Lungs, limbs, and mind,

He shuffles into his house

Seeking only relief and brief reprieve.


As he unbuttons his soaked shirt,

“Do me,” assaults his ears


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Royal Baby

Royal baby

I don't mean maybe

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Others create self-serving expectations

That they thrust upon you with no hesitation.

Always remember you have two choices,

To heed or ignore the many voices.

Most define themselves by what others say,

Resigned to play the games people play.

Sooner or later they will awaken,

Realizing that they’ve been mistaken.

Then a rebirth for all to see.

Some will rejoice, some will...

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Man on the Clapham Omnibus

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The man on the London Eye said

"this is what you wanted,

just pick the choice you want to make,

we're keen to know your views,

we'll tell you which to choose"


The man on the Clapham omnibus

had nothing much to lose.

He thought it through carefully

before he made his choice,

grateful to be given voice


The London Eye man was annoyed

and urged him to think a...

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I'm watching Gandhi on telly

as there isn't much else to do

I'm finding it very enjoyable,

I can't wait for Gandhi 2

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Maybe,I am not smart ...

Maybe I'm not smart,

And I must take heart.

 Maybe I'm, not right.

I am bothered by light.

 You may not understand me at all.

 I can sound like an autumns fall.

 But …I can breathe like grass,

 I can live like a lass,

Can be wise, can be nice.

 I can read between lines,

 And be someone’s divines

Look at me: I'm a flower,

With the sun's energy and power,

 I ...

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He sang of pleasure and regret

and a girl whose face

he may not be able to forget,

but it's him we remember today,

and if there is a heaven he'll be there

singing and dancing

in the old-fashioned way



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Nightmare Scenario revisted

Utopian dream

Jeremy wins election

Dystopian Scream

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Nightmare Scenario

Utopian dream

Jeremy wins election

Dystopian scream

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Love isn't easy to do 

Love can be a nightmare

that follows you

throughout your life 

Love can rip your heart

apart if you trust in

someone who says or

claims that they love you

when in fact they don't

or never did 

Love is a tangible

unmistakable hurtful

lie of your life 

Love can leave one down

in the dumps when

someone rips your


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At a place near us called Smite

there's an Irish gypsy site

Avoid the place by day

and stay well away at night

cos just for the craic, out of you,

they'll kick the fecking shite

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TOM 6325

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The flight back was uneventful

We took off on time,

there was nothing to do

so I made up this rhyme


The flight food was unappealing

I just had a cup of tea

It cost two pounds ten

but only worth 20p


Always a queue for the loo

so I gave it a miss

then at Bristol Airport

I had a long piss


We waited forever for our cases

The belt broke down

so w...

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Sun Lounger Trouble

My wife became fused to her lounger

after using excessive lotion

I considered just leaving her there

but had to forget this notion

when I remembered she had our safe key

secreted in her bikini

and had to get Maintenance

to come and cut her free

The ordeal left her quite distressed

She walked as if in a daze

but it didn't stop her spending

my euros, at El Corte Ingl...

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Incidente al Hotel Casa del Mar

My wife says I'm cruel

I feel such a fool

I kicked her towel in

the infinity pool

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Cannes? Cannot

Poolside in Santa Ponsa

topping up my tan

The wife won't stop complaining,

she wants to go to Cannes


But Cannes is too expensive

when you're living on a pension

which I explained using two words

I wouldn't care to mention


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Learning From Our Lass

I've been trying since I got released
I want to start anew
but it's impossible to get a job
when I can't secure an interview
they're gossiping down the bookies
and in the local boozer
they're saying I'm no kind of man
that I'm only out to use her
they're saying that I'm work-shy
'cause I stay at home all day
while she's out working two jobs
struggling by on minimum pay
I admit I've got...

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Theresa & Michel

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Walking on eggshells

Tinkering at the edges

Watered down Brexit

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My Life

You know, my life,

Let’s just be friends!

We’ve nothing have to share.

You look like me:

My face, my eyes, my ear …

You are my life, my inevitability,

I am your tiny fragile destiny.

Like a wind, you carry me quick,

Or send me quietness and calm.

And I believe you’ll save me,

 You’ll never see me like a junk

Or never see me ever drunk.

Life! Be my friend!


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My insides writhe like pit of snakes
As my mind runs away.
It flees from my mistakes,
Made with good intent,
As fast as my ambition got me there.
Why does my ego tote me around like a child?
Why does it feel like I'm always being punished
By my mundane thoughts?
What am I doing?


I eat the snake.
I abandon my ambition.
I punish myself from now on.


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Burning Bridges




Bury the long dead past let bridges burn behind 

Bounty what life holds be cherished full in kind

Nothing stays forever in  rapid passing of time 

There still be choices to relive your lost prime.

At the end somewhere will be a beckoning light 

Ridding built up solitude to future  shining bright

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Life... Why even continue?

It doesn't make sense... I'm not who I used to be... This karma that's destroying my life has been paid over and over and over...why? I really don't see the point in trying my hardest to be the person who's in my heart... The only thing I feel and deal with is pain and repercussions of actions in my past and actions that where never even acted upon... True happiness, financial stability, love... W...

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Let The Tide Decide

On some night-time road
with only the distant moon
or your dimming torch 
meting its weak light out

Do not be afraid of getting lost
some new thing 
may come to you there 
on the path that you can't see
some great thing may surprise you

On that long journey 
towards day's promised ending
without a real map 
to study or call upon

Do not be afraid of being wrong
take a chance 

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Aquatic Stardust - a freewrite

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Aquarian Aquarius,
everyone be hearing us.
What an exciting life you lead,
cosmic superhuman centipede.
I’m Centric G pause for the D:
ejaculating antiquating - even thoughts dilapidated.
You should go through twice
extinguish anguish from your life
cosmic zombie souls are sliced.
Universal detoxification 
electrocuting nation-notions
rubbing Atlas, struggled rolling
infinitesimal scro...

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Why? ?

I lay here and I still lay here as the hours tick by and I watch the woman I love separated from me by such a minor distance of just a couple feet... It couldn't feel farther away... My heart aches from the pain I've caused her... My soul is ripped in two fighting on the right choice.. I love her.. she loves me... I know this.. why do I push the people who love me away? Why was I cursed with such ...

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A series of 11 short poems


End of a Galaxy


A blink

In the silent depth of night



As the last leaf of the beech tree

As the silent tear of my love




End of Harmony


I see her dancing on the sands


I see her                                     as she sees me

and in that moment

sand, sea, sun, surf

vanish in the vortex



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A Train of Thought

My step dad, Robin, passed away a short time ago at the ripe old age of 94.  An incredible man, he lived an incredible life, including working at Bletchley Park codebreaking during the war, putting out fires at ST Paul's Cathedral, living in Australia, India, Ireland and Scotland and writing numerous books in his role as a well respected minister and scholar.  He met my mum again after 50 years, p...

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Thought of a restless mind.

As I grow, I see many places to live by
I see the true nature of life,
On how doll and peaceful it can be.
But what is life without sorrow?
What is life without dreams of the melancholic soul? 

Just a thought of a restless mind. 


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I would not say this heart is hungry
I dare not say this heart is heavy
I only know now, a surer sense of all I want
a clearer description of what will fire
the drive, the rush, the love in me

If we're not going out tonight
then can we just sit and giggle
at each other, at the TV, at the others
can she laugh with me, make fun of me
until we have tears in our eyes, can’t breathe

When ...

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I Am Always Going To Be Missing You

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{I Am Always Going To Be Missing You}


I am always going

to be missing you

like the skies are

missing the bright

stars shining

brightly through

the heavy rain and

then when I

remember those

stars I remember

that is you and

you're beautiful,

handsome rough

rugged face

shining back down

on me and as I am

still here missing

you no matter how


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Death Warrant

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{Death Warrant}


I have an active

warrant for my

scheduled death

that has been

killing me slowly

and painfully since

the day I was

conceived inside of

my mother's womb 


And as these day's

fade into the darkest

longest hour's of the

lonely nightmares of

death lingering

around my sickened

weakened body until

I am a forgotten

chiari w...

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Morning Mellow

With eyes closed
I'm morning mellow
and grateful

Survived another crash
the screech of a derailment
isn't mine this time
but it only gets later 
in the day of my life
my luck must be spilling out
soon to all be spilled

Morning mellow, with eyes closed
still invincible 
at thirty seven

Beyond the pane
summer wind rips
licks at the glass
makes me feel small
and safe, for now


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Tell Me

Tell Me


Tell me, Stranger, tell me do,

What makes the world spin round for you?

What do you love, what makes you cry?

What do you hope, before you die?


Tell me, Father, plant a seed,

What path I follow, where you lead,

Give me compass, strength and plan,

To show me how to be a man.


Hold me Mother, sing me songs,

Give me rites for all my wrongs,

You g...

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Not quite what I was

Not even who I want to be

Not recognizing who I am

Can't go back to who I was

Can't get to who I want to be

Can't figure out who I am

The past kicked me out

But my future won't let me in

And my present won't give me rest

Trying to let go of her

Trying to become the better she

Trying to find the present me

I escaped the m...

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Executed By You

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{Executed By You}



It's strange how

it feels like I've

been executed by

you for so long now



Because in your

eyes I've done

everything wrong

but I haven't done

anything besides

loving you 


But I've paid my

faults and wrongs

and dues a billion

times over with you




But the truth of it is

that you want to


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