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The morning dew is

on my shoes the birds

are chirping and singing

their tunes as the

morning sun brightens

up the sky with warm

crisper air that made

you take a deep breath

into your lungs waiting

to exhale 



I fear 


And as the birds goes

silent and the clouds

went a dark bluish gray

with the sun gone

behind the clouds to

stay and then you hear

something next door

you walk slowly

towards the neighbors

house you see a bunch

of thugs beating the

life out of your neighbor

by using their boots

and baseball bats in

their hands and as

you slowly turn around

without anyone noticing

you and then you go back

home to call the police

but the telephone line

is dead and you pick

up your cellphone but

it says no service and

at that point of time

you was so scared

shittless that you didn't

know what to do and

how to keep them or

anyone from seeing

you so you won't suffer

the same fate as your

neighbor was getting 



I fear


And then you hear the

local fire department

sounding off their bell

letting people know

a storm was in the area

but with this bell came

a voice on the loud

speaker saying my fellow

Americans we are

under attack please

stay in doors lock them

up tightly and no matter

what you see or hear

please remain calm until

we have further information

and may God bless us

all because we are going

to need it because our

land and civilians

are under attack 



I fear 


And as I hear the

sounds of blood curdling

screams outside of my

house I stayed silent so

no one would hear me

as I quietly listened to

the sounds and noises

outside of my house

hoping and praying that

no one would find me

hiding inside of my

house because I looked

out of the window and

seen baseball bats

covered in wet dripping

red blood that they held

in their hands while

chasing people down the

streets and I stayed hidden

in my house for three

days and nights until

someone broke into my

house shouting to his

friends outside we have

a live one in here and I

managed to get away

from them through the

back door which I had

a golf club in my hand

ready to swing at the

next person who tried

to hurt or kill me 




I fear 


And as ran out of my back

door heading towards

the police station to

see if they knew what

was exactly going on in

our small community

where people was acting

like they had just broke out

and escaped from an

insane asylum and as

my eyes was filling up

with death by seeing

what was happening

around me while I was

running away and I was

looking over at neighbors

house they was on their

front lawn while about

seven to eight people

was hovering over them

kicking and stomping on

them while they threatened

them with a bloody base

ball bats and as I was so

scared of what was going

on that I could not speak

or even cry out in fear 




I fear 



And as the streets that I

was running on was slowly

filling up with red blood

from the people in this

small community as my

shoes was getting covered

in their blood as one single

tear ran down my face

because I had to see my

neighbors and friends

dying this way without me

being able to help them

and that makes me feel

so bad that I hate myself

and off in a short distance

I see the police station and

then I finally reach the

bottom step of the police

station I slowly step-by-step

taking one step at a time

until I was at the front door

of the police station and

as I push the door open I

slowly walked a little further

inside and then I see some

of the officers inside that had

a look of major distress in

their humble eyes as the

blood and sweat dripped

off their brow like this was

a nightmare and a hellish

war that was destroying

our community leaving a

deadly trail and wake behind

in end while everyones blood

continue to fill up our paved

streets and our officers don't

know why or what is happening 




I fear 



And I can't believe what is

happening in this world to

make people feel like they

have to kill to make

themselves feel better

because it's wrong to

commit murder or kill

people because that's one

of the ten commandments

{thou shall not kill- Exodus-20:13}

and as I look around me I

can definitely say that God

isn't even being thought

about while this madness

is occurring outside these

doors because the killers

are wearing mask to cover

up their identities but some

had pig mask on and then

I seen clown mask and then

mask of our presidents now

and from the past killing

people inside of their homes

and outside this was like a

bad dream that I clearly

wanted to wake the hell up

from but each time I wiped

my eyes reality hit like a ton

of bricks to my face saying

dammit this isn't no dream

this is really happening as

I pray a silent prayer for God

to help his children out of this

mess because this is unjustly

and beyond cruel to kill people

this way and is this the start

of the end of days and maybe

it's trials and tribulations that

has begun and I have all these

unanswered questions maybe

God will answer my prayers

and my questions soon before

I have the same fate 




I fear 



And as I ran from the police

station for my life I continue

to run until I came to the

military base I climbed the

fence and jumped over inside

of the military base I wanted

to go and try to find me

some personnel that was

there at the military base

but there wasn't that many

on the premises and as I

talked with the generals and

lieutenants asking them what

was going on the said that

this was an attack with in

our own country by our

corrupted government because

they said the military had no

control over this situation

because the government was

even killing them off one by

one and I was in shock and

didn't understand why our

country and government

would want to kill it's on

people unless they was

overpowered by the devil by

doing his corrupted work upon

earth and now it's a fight for

your own survival because

our country hates us all this

much and they think this

makes it alright to kill and

murder people as we bleed

red-white-blue and crying

out loud in vain as you do

nothing with this slaying

of the civilians because

we ain't nothing to you but

another person taking up

space and air of this planet

as you always say 




I fear 



And I fear this will be our

worlds fate if our government

doesn't help the situation

instead of being apart of the

problem and as we all

continue to bleed red-white-blue

until we all lifeless in the

bloody streets but our

government doesn't give

two-shits who lives or

who dies 





©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover All Rights Reserved April 18,2018 

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Big Sal

Sat 9th Jun 2018 00:29

It's been a while. . . Hope you're well and keep the artful impressions coming while it all lasts.?

<Deleted User> (16099)

Sun 22nd Apr 2018 01:41

absolutely amazing and beautiful and truthful to your soul..I will read this again and again and again...my friend

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