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Peaceful moment

Then all stops

For an infinite moment

All worries fall silent

All thoughts take rest

All wants are forgotten

All noise welcome past

As energy flows

All needs are met

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Good day

Ill be ok today,
so long as im prepared,
so long as the weather's right
and traffic's nice and clear.

Ill be ok if everyone
i see is ok too,
if they do what i think's right,
they won't affect my mood,

Ill be ok if they hold the door,
say thank you when i do,
talk to me when i dont mind
and silent when i do

Ill be ok just as long as everything's my way.
Now that that is clear, pl...

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not okayokay

Should I

Should i speak up when its wrong?
Should i challenge what i see?
Should i mind my own business?
Should i not judge what i see?

Should i stand up for what's right?
Should i concentrate on me?
Should i stop being so selfish?
Should i know what's good for me?

Should i know my place and shut my mouth?
Should i not be a sheep?
Should i make sure they know my name?
Should i not have that ...

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Percentage You

I wonder of 100,
How much of you I've seen,
I've seen your 2 or 10 percent,
As you have seen of me.

I wonder if you'll trust me,
With 10 percent more you,
Say 20 percent total,
Ill give the same to you.

I wonder if my percent me
would be safe with you,
No reassurance? Give it back!
Lets keep it back at 2.

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The fearless fighter scared of none,
Stood in front of me since young,
Made of indignant rage and fear,
What would i be without him near.

The boisterous guy that speaks for me,
Demands respect so ruthlessly,
Strength from fearless fighter's strength,
Without him who would i be.

The money man he comes and gos,
He buys respect for me from crows,
But when he leaves they circulate,

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Your time is worth less than mine,
Ill serve him for a moment, you serve me for a while,
Its just how it is, its just how it is,
Its just how it is! let your view become mine,

My time is worth less than yours,
I accept my place for my background flawes,
But i haveto say, but i haveto say!
Its just how it is, let my view become yours,

I feel your discomfort, eyes sore from rolling,

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Intense thick clouds obscuring vision,
Pre planned malice yet no thought given,
A mess of unplaced thoughts surround
Logic whispers but i wont listen

The calm that follows leaves air so thick
A lack of focus a clearing mist
A wind that blows me from where i came
And ignorance is mine again

Exhausting though this place may be
This clouded space is part of me
To leave i need a place of...

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My something is nothing, as something is nothing when measured against the grand scheme of things,
A massive reward, the highest achievement, no more something than a spec in the wind

A name to a prize, a face to a name, a name prize and face that were nothing the same, these nothings are nothing, but something to something, and therefore the nothing has value again

My nothing is something,...

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Egoreal lifeworth


As much myself i am, i watch him close,
Sometimes familiar, yet others unknown,
The unknown is the essence, but also the fear,
For every last part is mine to bare,

The unknown is precious and dangerous the same
As other unknowns are awaiting its name,
The gift is for him but the burden is mine
I will gift my unknown with the best i can find

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