Stu of the Steps

Been working on this for a while... not sure about it really, but see what you think..

Stu of the Steps



This is my pitch, here’s where I sit

Cardboard and cushion to keep cold at bay

Down steps from the station, just half way

Gives em time to see me, reflect a bit.


Not all the way down, hanging in there

Holding my own, keeping my space

Forgotten detritus of the human race

Highway to hell, the devil’s stair.


There but for grace of God go they

Some rummage for coins, if I’m lucky a note

Others sneer and push past me, the lazy scrote

Most seem all busy, few will stay,


In Armani suits, headsets and phones.

I look up to them, them down on me

From rock bottom to high life, metaphorically

The daily commute between work and warm homes.


Don’t use a cup, that just looks cheap

A nice little bowl should do the trick

No sign or sob story, just look a bit sick

A smile in  the eyes, nothing too deep.


Folk can be kind, some evil, it’s true

It’s not too bad, get enough most days

The shrapnel I get easily pays

For choccy, some baccy, butty and brew.


But most feel their conscience and think

Of their central heating, the sofa and bath

And steam rises up as mist from their breath

Slip me a quid, enough for a drink.


Once I had a job, commute every day,

A missus, couple of kids and a cat,

Then gambling and drugs changed all that.

We weren’t always like this, not always this way.


Nights are the worse, chill to the bone

Layer up, curl up, blank it all out

Ignore all the punters as they scream and shout

Next day’s the same, bitter and alone.

The big issue, army of the lost

The drugs, the drink, minds astray

Guarding cash point, bench, doorway,

Our money life, they pay the cost.


Best go now, cops heading down

Shuffllng my coil, the dog and me hat

Moving me house, me luxury flat

Going up in the world in this crazy town.



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mike booth

Sat 12th May 2018 08:12

Yes, Brian, I am anti-begggar too, but maybe in a different way... They make me think of all that I have and how most people can live comfortably in this rich country of ours, but others, for a whole variety of reasons, don't. Health, home, job, family, food and safety are not to be underestimated.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 8th May 2018 22:11

Mike...good poem but I am anti-beggar because in my home town I have personal knowledge that a good many of ours are professional beggars i.e. a lifestyle choice.

Look at the folk they are targetting - it takes many of them until about 11am on friday before they've earned enough to pay their rent, bills and shopping. They are left with about 6 hours earnings...and some beggar wants to relieve them of some of it, having done nothing but sit on his cushion and cardboard halfway up the steps in a prime begging position.

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Hannah Collins

Tue 8th May 2018 22:07

This is amazing, a real insight into the person we see sitting on the ground homeless.
When we had the very bad weather recently, I couldn't stop thinking about them and feeling it is so wrong.
Some were successful before, some were in Care, shown the door at 17.
An important poem, so glad you wrote it.


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