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Tonight I realized its not up to you to decide me.
Its not my job to initiate conversation,
Its not my requirement to put on more makeup,
You don't get to decide what shirts you think look good on me.

Tonight I realized its not my place to lower myself to you.
I don't have to make sure you're satisfied,
I don't need to stop what I'm doing to answer to you.
There's only one of me, and ther...

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After A Break Up

After a breakup, pain may linger with you a while, 

but one morning you will wake once more with a smile,

Until that time comes write notes to throw away,

notes that hold your pain, to leave you free one day,


There's no clock with the means to predict the date,

don't let heartbreak turn love over to the icy grip of hate,

for positive feelings are those we all seek in our liv...

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lovehatebreak uptime

That Feeling

It was that feeling in my gut

When I heard you say the words,

The words that broke my heart and sent my knees to the floor.

I had imagined our lives, together and apart,

But I never could have imagined the hurt you brought on with so few words.

You said it wasn't my fault, no one's fault at all,

You thought that this was best for me,

But that wasn't your call.

I tried so ha...

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How can I tell her that I love her?

How can I show her my true feelings?

If the words “I Love You” are dwarfed compared to what I feel.

Not even all the jewelry and roses of the world could equal her beauty.


How can I describe to her?

That every time I see her my surroundings cancel out.

She is my center of attention,

That for her my heart aggressively pounds.



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emotionalemotionsLovePoetryRomantic poemsromantic poetryUncertainty


In my times of tribulations,

Arrived my salvation.

One might think it was an angel,

It was, but in the form of a girl.


She brought light into my life,

My prayer of hope in the flesh.

Her name alone is a prayer,

That brings easiness to my heart and head.


She makes me be a better man,

She has taught me to trust and love.

With her eyes, she stops time.

With ...

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What do I care?

Ravishingly beautiful
On top of that
God-fearing and cool!
What do I care
Electrified and petrified
Unable to resist her pull
At a loss how
My senses to pool
Up on catching her sight,
A wind-beaten leaf,
Shaking all over
I prove a fool!?

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fidgeting overwhelemedlove



When will it stop

being all about him

Such a short 


Such a strong impact...



You never 


You were a fragment

of my imagination

A fling

that offered a ring

For a price

I could not afford...



Babe be my wife

give me your life

Like a mail order


Like I had no pride

too mild 

for a thought or a ...

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Silver Light

I see the blue purple
when I look 
into the blue green.
I see it crystal, 
pure and true
and my feeling 
comes in like a flood,
pure white 
unconditional love.
A bond for life, 
no matter the strife.

She’s an angel in my mind,
queen of my wonderland,
captain of my ship 
and my stormy sea 
she does command.
She’s a shining star 
in no man’s land.
She brings to me 
the sweetest ...

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desireLovelove longing distancepassion

A sunny rain

Like walking
In a sunny rain
Yearning for you
In vain
Was a sweet pain!

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We Were Wallpapers

we were not the flavors 

of a beautiful painting,


but rather, the starched sheet

of an endless wallpaper

stranded in a cyclical design

that we drew ourselves,


unable to cling to the walls for a lifetime.

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Love is not a word 

to be thrown around


Sometimes is it used too freely

like it's a ticket to paradise


Love is a very deep


It is something that is real

can almost be touched

It never goes away


Using that word can fill the soul

or tear it apart if it is not truly 

from the heart


When you learn that 

someone used the word


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Brittle banks of ice
Against my taunting toe,
Cracking and seething
To be so uproariously

Against the yellow
Of the setting sun
Through a smog that
Lays thick across the

Jets of black trees
Shoot dark into the sky,
Mimicking the wind
In their jostled, whipped

The wind that churns
The bowing branches
Bites the lobes of
My ears, uncovered an...

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That Which Holds All

so, I spent the night
watching her sleep.

and by dawn,

I was convinced.

the great beyond is not made up of particles
or elements.

or galaxies or stars.

but rather,
it is a pair of raven eyes

that holds this turbulent universe 
in the skyline.


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Love swells my heart like buds in the Spring

How can love go so wrong?

We shone like the space station in the sky.

Her gentle eyes, hers soft sweet skin were like winning the lottery to me

Her rose bud lips, her leaf soft hair

We walked like deer across the hills

How can love go so wrong?


I had a wife but now she’s dead. She was like a fire for me,

 When she went, I felt the cold, the empty rooms all alone.



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Conversations in the rain

Do you know it’s her birthday?

She might come out tonight, depends on the chemo,

treatment end is in sight.


My son has left for Uni,

he messaged today to say  he’s making lots of friends.

You’ll miss him being away.


And the wind blows softly

 and the rain falls lightly

 and we’ll never want for water on the moors


It’s not funny when you haven’t got a po...

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No need to get high cos I'm trippin on love

The sun is shinin' on the leaves,

The squirrel's chasin' through the trees

But I don’t need to get high cos I’m trippin on love.

He reads me like a kindle book

Powers me down and reboots me up

But I don’t need rechargin’ cos I’m trippin on love

Like eagles high across the sky

We soar together, with you I fly

No need to get high

Cos I’m trippin’ on love

No need to get ...

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How can you be 

such a combination 

The wonders of heaven

and the darkness of hell


The sunshine reflects off

your soul

and then plummets to the storms

of the worst winter


Oh how I needed your sweetness

I wish you could see

how wonderous it is


Why you show pride

in your dark side

is beyond my understanding


I know I can't change y...

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"I don't want revenge.

I just want to make you smile"


Sometimes the truth is, we are left alone.

There is no one to go to.

Just left on your own

inside the world that makes up the collision of your heart and mind.

Each day time passes, and still you could say to me: "Your heart is mine".


Folded down in sorrow. Tears that rain into my heart.

Never leaving my eyes, ...

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lovesecretsforever silentsadnessheart

War and the Universe

and when you look up and

watch the carmine sunset riding the clouds,


know that those are the blood

of the universes that fought so valiantly


to have our constellations vibrant and incandescent

in their boundless mausoleums.

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The Way Back

and just like that,

the nights 
have adapted a darker shade,

the morning sun
has lost its taste

and the northern stars 
have gone and misplaced themselves


to show us the right directions.

and the way back.

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An Everlasting Ache

I had broken the invisible the bridge
That linked you to my soul,
Since the day you pushed me to the ridge
And told me “we wouldn’t last”.
It had been months since I thought of
“You and I” as one.
I was happy, I felt new!
Then I had a dream,
And it pulled me back to you.

You left without saying,
To a land of solitude,
From where uncertain was your return,
You left as you couldn’t bar...

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The Greatest Thing

You're my only guide
In the quiet, pitch darkness,
Whisper into my ears,
Ask me if you're my pride?
A thousand times over I'll say,
“Yes, you're the only one”

As unconscious about it you may be,
When I look into the mirrors now,
It is for you I’ve grown to be
What I’ve always aspired to see 

When calamity comes our way,
And you’re falling,
Deep inside you know, 
It is only m...

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lovethe greatest thing


Why aren't you sitting with me

such beauty to see

such an empty bench

Without your touch close to me


By Lynn Hahn

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She wants to feel 日本 (Japan)

Hair black as midnight,
Kimono sleeves whispering of plum;
Haiku she breathes to me
Beneath the yellow moon.

She says I need to see Tokyo,
And Kyoto in the rain.
I say, "I’ll go if you’re there—"
I’ll say anything.

She draws pictures of Mount Fuji
In charcoal, and puts them
All over the house,
Knowing I’ll see them

And remember the color of the mist,
And the smell of incense

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From Friendship to Love

The deepest love does not rest
In just lips or eyes
Or kisses or caress
Carried in gentleness
Across the wind,

But rather an emotion
That hangs on your thoughts
Whether across meadows
Bathed in frozen dew
Or listening to raindrops

Developing slowly over time
Like a detective novel
Opening up in soft layers
Until the meaning stares you
Straight in the face

Across borrowed harbo...

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Confusion owns me 

like the web of a spider

Life seems to have

a sense of humor

Timing so wrong

on so many things


He owns my heart

like a vice

too tight

can't breath


But I long for him

I shake my head

on a regular basis

trying to get clarity


I hear people make

sounds from their mouths

but can't understand the words

My mind is ...

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I Hate You

I hate you 

Can't stand you

I think that I love you

You know me

Ignore me

I want you to love me

I love you 

Just want you

I really do hate you

You see me

Smile at me 

I want you to leave me

I need you

Don't want you

My heart is stuck on you

You want me 

Don't need me

Just stop talking to me

I love you

Don't love you

I just want to hate yo...

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It's the Little Things

It's the little things. 


It's when you catch him smiling just looking at you. 


It's when he reaches for your hand when he sees your heart sink. 


It's when he treats you like you're strong when you smile through the pain. 


It's when he kisses away your headaches. 


It's when he comes running just from hearing your voice. 


It's when he pulls you up and ...

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Winter's Wolf

The sharp-toothed skirmisher of January past

passes its knives by her cheeks;

the hillside heralds its shredded brown visage,

winter’s wolf howls the bitter conquest of the moors.


The season of concealing crowns and faces,

of cautious feet across the maze of wilted souls

to reach the lone tree, grey lightning petrified in time.

Frozen into the bark are age and time.



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Little Girl

As I look into the mirror

A little girl stares back at me

Her eyes twinkling eyes shining so bright

Wind is blowing her hair nice and free

Running free like a child she makes a pretty sight

Her lips twitched into a naughty smile

Radiant face brimming with life

Her eyes shine with unfulfilled dreams

No worries no fear no signs of strife

I am mesmerized by her innocence


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Moonless Night

Draped a studded saree

Sprayed scented winter breezes

Night now becomes icy

awaiting him to show up

Darkest is the new moon

© Juhi Gupte

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Does true love exist?

The kind where

a man would

lay down his life

for his wife


A woman lets

her man be a man


Mutual respect 


who is right 

and who is wrong


An undeniable

fire burns

with desire for both


Where divorce

is a word

never spoken

or considered


If you can say yes

then you are blessed


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When does my heart

stop breaking

stop aching


Love is not 

for the taking

for all


Love seems to 

come and go

Doesn't seem 

to flow

for all


Did I get in the

wrong line?


Only time

will tell...


By Lynn Hahn


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The Game of Love

The universe, can play some wicked games.
One day you'll meet the one and fall hopelessly in love.
Just for it to rip it away.

The butterflies and all the highs,
will lead to your ultimate demise.
Through the depths of despair
And a valley of lows; 
your world will crash,
All around you.
Your heart will break,
And you soul will crumble.
But time will go on.

You know people say, 

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Just another night

Wrapped in whiskey 

Tender words roll off your tongue

like how I roll this blunt for us

Car ride to a party we'd rather skip

Turns into an L ride that helps us tolerate

the people you call your friends

You allow alcohol to consume you

And I act like high is the new sober so you let me drive

Stumbling like you can feel the earth's rotation

I play the pillar

the earth's...

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lovesexdrinkingalcoholweedSMOKINGOne Night


My mom lives in my heart

Of my world she is a special part

Lots of care and unlimited love

Shes an angel from heaven above

She gives me food and drops me to school

In my life she sets all the rules

Even she scold and yells at me

In her eyes love is what i See

Sometimes i may cause you pain

But i know your darling I will remain

You will always be in my heart

Even th...

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momlovelifeunconditional lovemotherhoodchildrenheart

Elegy by a poet

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My age-old friend
From gambolling fields
Working place
To blessed bed!

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My wife and my life
My life and my wife
My love and my dove
My dove and love,
For my heart is her tomb
She leased with love
From her mother's womb!//

A n old poet friend of mine once told m...

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In the beginning

In the beginning he would wake at every peculiar sound that came from the babies crib 

In the beginning he would bring me a beverage as I fed his son whilst the moon was dimly lit 

In the beginning he would rush home from work eager to see the family he created 

In the beginning we were the people whom he could be himself and escape with 

In the beginning we were enough 


He wou...

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Beginningendloveheartbreakyoungsorrowfamilybrokenhusbandwifemarriagedivorceseparationbroken familybroken heartslostaloneafraid

I was young

I was young .. A simple statement that is the answer to many questions I am presented with 


Why did you get drunk, and throw up in the hall way? 

Why did you leave school, and truant all day? 

How did you get pregnant, at just seventeen? 

Why did you marry him, given what you had seen? 

Doesn't it feel silly, divorcing already? 

You're only 21, doesn't your life seem so craz...

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Being a mother can be very tough
There are days when I feel all gruff
Every time I feel like that I wish I know
I simply need to relax & go with the flow
Every time my kids make utter mess 
I wish I know there are many who suffer from being childless
Every time I see my dreams being fulfilled in their future
I wish I know my job is not to control but to nurture
I wish I remember that they ...

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motherhoodparentingloveunconditional love

Cool Air


Cool air replaces where your hands should be,

Fingers locked on bare skin all over me,

The breeze keeps blowing colder and colder,

As the love between us grows older and older,


Your tongue parted my lips that way,

Your hands grasped desperately to make me stay,

Yet I still drifted endlessly away,

And I kissed someone new today

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He left

He left 

He left behind his broken wife and his scared son

He left

He left us cold, all alone with no one 

He left


The vows, they meant nothing 

The promises, broken 

I just wish we meant something 

More than just empty words spoken 


I cried for days at a time 

My young son wiped every tear 

Leaving us was a crime 

And now, it's been 1 year 



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familybrokenheartachepainlovesadnessmemoriesmarriageaffairbetrayaldepressionlonlinessfearchangesonmotherfatherunconditional love

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