Just another night

Wrapped in whiskey 

Tender words roll off your tongue

like how I roll this blunt for us

Car ride to a party we'd rather skip

Turns into an L ride that helps us tolerate

the people you call your friends

You allow alcohol to consume you

And I act like high is the new sober so you let me drive

Stumbling like you can feel the earth's rotation

I play the pillar

the earth's axis

Getting you up the stairs

Your words slur

But you're intoxicated with more than just Daniels

Piercing blue eyes, you apologize

I tell you that I love the pain you inflict on me 

You're a wasp that hates humans

And I'm a human obsessed with your kind

You're mine

For tonight

I devour your vanilla absent mindedly 

And you swim in chocolate rivers like 

we are in a scene of Willy Wonka

We wake up with cavities 

and the inability to speak

Kiss on the forehead is your goodbye

I lock the door like the end of a movie

But life keeps going

so you'll call me tonight

If not you, another creature I'll grow a temporary fixation with

Like a vhs tape I'll rewind and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 8th Jan 2017 15:47

Really good, Phoenix. It resonates with strong truths, one being acceptance which is not blind. I'm glad I've gone back a bit.

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Connie Walter

Thu 5th Jan 2017 15:34

Nicely written ☺️

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