I was young

I was young .. A simple statement that is the answer to many questions I am presented with 


Why did you get drunk, and throw up in the hall way? 

Why did you leave school, and truant all day? 

How did you get pregnant, at just seventeen? 

Why did you marry him, given what you had seen? 

Doesn't it feel silly, divorcing already? 

You're only 21, doesn't your life seem so crazy? 

Why did you stay with him, why didn't you leave? 

Why did you still trust him? Why did you believe? 

Why are you still trying, clinging on to false hope? 

Don't you know he's a liar, and the life he'll invoke? 

Why are you such, a hopeless romantic? 

You know life's not a fairytale, no matter how much you want it? 


But why all these questions with negative connotation?

Ask me something optimistic, with less confrontation.


Like how do you manage, uni and motherhood? 

You must be so proud, did you think that you could? 

The night shifts made you tired, are you glad that you stopped? 

Are you happy and able? Still looking for a job? 

Why do you still love him, after all that he's done? 

I know you've said before, it's because you were young. 


But age is but a number, 

through the years we all learn 

Mistakes are made often,

with wrong places to turn 

But don't get so down, 

just keep on going 

Because no matter how old, 

no one is all knowing. 


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