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Grandad's Christmas Reverie

He thought

All I want is here

the tree that reaches the ceiling:

with the decorations the boy had helped hang

and the lights he could reach

to pull off

He thought

I hope they like my gifts

the presents beneath the low branches:

with the labels that the girls had turned over

and peeped at to see

which was theirs

He thought

I am alone with Christmas

the many...

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ChristmasChristmas treedecorationsfamilygrandfathergrandsonpresentsXmas

The Ghost of Christmas Passed

Twas the night before Christmas

When starless darkness held the night

With howling wind and sleet;

All through the house was ne'er a light

Dark, and a door that creaked

And despite the fire, twas cold as snow

Only the low fire flicker

Could lend the room a ghostly glow

And light the undecked tree.

I crept towards the bottom stair

Mouse-still and watching

A creak, a...

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ChristmascoldcouchcushionsdrowningFather ChristmasghostsicenightsnowsofaXmas

Westway's dark

entry picture

When day falls down

be mine

for the night

passes by.

You choose which

way we run

I can't choose more than one.

You got no sleep but I found my belief,

I found my belief.


The Westway's dark.


Please stay, don't fade away

Save us,

lone stars.

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londonlonenotting hillstarsWestayxmas

Merry Xmas to All

entry picture

The feast of Yule returns again

With glad and merry times;

The bells are ringing out for you

Their joyous, cheery chimes.

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Around All Our Tables

entry picture


Santa Rhumour is sending sunbeams
to brighten up your day
I don't know if they'll melt the snow
but keep an eye out for they may.
And if perchance they make it easy
for you all to get safely home
then all will have more joy I'm sure
and far less to make them moan.
And for those who have no snow
may your problems be easy to beat
I wish yo...

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It’s Xmas and it’s party time so let’s get down and do it,

your house is the place and your beer is for free as we come and chill out.

The music’s turned up and everyone is welcome to celebrate that festive spirit.

As the hours spin by and the beer flows the party games start,

it’s not charades or monopoly but strip poker and wife swapping as all inhibition...

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adult funno inhibitionspartyxmas

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