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First Christmas

One whole year's

time emptied

Like lace leaves


From the cold trees

Skeletal wisps

You are missing 

attic tinsel 


Boxed deep and dusting

With bristles flaking

From the broken spine

So no silver lines 

Our crisp, black-branched pine.

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December Bones

Christmas fairy lights still dangle,
Plastic string of neon candles,
Hallowing the wreckage of the year.

Streaming ‘River’ on repeat
River Warbling marrow-deep

Wash away those spiteful, December bones.

From jigsaws sat on nickel knees
To whisky-nursing you in sprees,
Femurs first you left us piece by piece.

Frailty distils the waters
Trickles down through all your daughters


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Grandpa Poem


Love is something everyone has towards you, For they, too, understand the complexity of you.

Experience is the foundation for your knowledge.

And yet, you still serve cold porridge.

Grandpa, Anger does not influence you, Ignorance does not play you.

And you do not wish for fame, As you have understood, life is a game.

Oh Grandpa, humble and intricate.

I cannot imagine...

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Grandad's Christmas Reverie

He thought

All I want is here

the tree that reaches the ceiling:

with the decorations the boy had helped hang

and the lights he could reach

to pull off

He thought

I hope they like my gifts

the presents beneath the low branches:

with the labels that the girls had turned over

and peeped at to see

which was theirs

He thought

I am alone with Christmas

the many...

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Old but Gold by Catarina Meireles

Old but Gold by Catarina Meireles


Dear grandparents

Your love is like magic

You spent 53 years and counting together


Grandfather you went throught war

You went thrught cancer

She stood beside you whn you really needed her


Grandmother you went through injuries,

Surgery and birth, who was there to

Hold you and love it was grandfather


I love you both ...

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In your memory

I no longer recall the time we spent together,
yet my heart pines for your presence,
I wish I told you how much I love you and miss you.

I no longer can feel the warmth of your hand ruffel my hair,
yet the flashes of our play still warm my heart,
I wish I told you how much I love you and miss you.

I no longer fear crosssing a road on my own,
yet insecurities of daily life trouble me wit...

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