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To My Grandson


I will tell you about me like this:

I will never be tall,

I will never be small,

I will never be a man,

I will never be a football fan.


I would certainly like to have coffee in bed,

but it looks so sad,

as I’ll have to get up,

without any makeup,

then to dress, then to undress.


I will never jump as high as 2 meters,

because I won’t be able to run up.


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appreciating life

My Life...

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
I can't help but wonder,
How You always make me smile,
Make my eyes shine so bright,
Convert sadness to cheerful delights,
Make me confident, to conquer the heights,
Push me through the dark, towards the blinding lights,
Fill my heart, with Joys for Life,
Guiding me always, to know wrong from right,
Giving me the Courage, Giving me Patience,
Carving me to ...

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Death We Must All Face

[ ] Murder is to death; killing is for a thrill.

[ ] Souls corrupted broken with no will .

[ ] Life is revelant, so death let life live.

[ ] Death we must all face that's the deal.

[ ] Written in stone, stamped, & sealed.

[ ] Heart corroded body is ill.

[ ] Slowing heart beat the flesh is chill.

[ ] Heart stops to a sudden still.

[ ] Welcome to the Grim Reap...

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Welcome Tomorrow

                 Welcome Tomorrow
                  Ujjal Mandal, India, July 18, 2020

                  O, why are you blubbering aloud?
                  Where need to feel sound.
                   Make your day sparkle like blacksmith
                   burnished dishes.
                    Accept the young day
                    Like birds singing in the morning

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appreciating life


You only get 1 chance at first times,

First kiss, first love, first beer, first rhyme.

A new first day, every day you wake up,

A million first impressions, a hundred new haircuts.

One hundred and one won and lost bets,

A thousand people unmet, still strangers, yet –

Why do we walk around with eyes on the ground,

Perpetual frowns casting furtive glances around?

Afraid to mee...

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Another Day Of Bliss


Streaks of tepid sunshine

with magical golden spell


Provoke latent indolence

 for fresh fervor compel


Scatter of nomadic clouds

of varied  shape and form


Reflect strokes of artistry

  nature aiming to perform


Trees full with mangoes

heralding in joyous time


Cuckoo cooing in concord

 some singing choir sublime


Distant sight of g...

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Wandering Fado









Soft music offering backdrop

 in a tongue peculiarly diverse


It were some sort of a ballad

with words woven in a verse 


Couldn’t grasp what projected,

just felt the sense profound


It traversed beyond restrictions,

free spirited and totally unbound


The warm voice mesmerizing,

emanating from deepest of core


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Baby Jade

 You made a woman of me.

With your little tiny little body growing inside of me.

A tiny foetus that turned into an embryo.

When I first felt you kick I knew I’d never let you go.

The result of a conception made in love.

You had the excitement of a puppy and the grace of a dove.

So small on that screen all bouncing around

When I first saw your scan my feet didn’t touc...

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