Baby Jade

 You made a woman of me.

With your little tiny little body growing inside of me.

A tiny foetus that turned into an embryo.

When I first felt you kick I knew I’d never let you go.

The result of a conception made in love.

You had the excitement of a puppy and the grace of a dove.

So small on that screen all bouncing around

When I first saw your scan my feet didn’t touch the ground.

The feeling was infinite that connected with your spirit.

Being a mum, I was so into it.


The anticipation and excitement of your little life

made me feel so alive, now, I was more than a wife.

I was mother to a daughter, my beautiful little girl.

The most precious gift I could bring into the world.


So I packed my bag full with nighties and nappies in anticipation

But my heart wasn’t prepared for the devastation

When the nurse shook her head and told me you had died,

inside the womb that was supposed to protect you, I cried.

I never got to hold your little hand or hear you cry.

I never had the chance to even say goodbye.

Being told that my princess would be born dead.

Was something I could never get straight in my head.

Our future was gone, my dream for us savaged and wrecked.

Your death taught me one thing when I took time to reflect.

Life is fragile and love is strong.

Don’t take anything for granted cause we haven’t got long!











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Wed 22nd Jun 2011 13:25

'life is fragile and love is strong' - I'd agree with that. It sounds like you've had some tough experiences Paulyn. I hope you have managed to cope with it - poetry is always a help. x

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