miscarriage (Remove filter)

a life shorter than a day

bleeding she bleeds
warm fluid it pours
until it can pour no more

every  molecule of life
a warm pool on the foor

quicker than farewell
enough for a well
if only a well would
make her well

for if it were
one shalt wish for you
for the pool to be dry
the floor to remain
away red stain
and if to wish again
erase now the pain

but  tragic..instead
a river of red
helpless nurs...

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My Rainbow Baby

whenever i found out i was pregnant with you,
i was so happy and filled with love i could feel my heart literally melt...
whenever i found out i’d be losing you, and then i lost you,
that was the most painful thing my body and heart had ever felt...
you gave me the greatest joy, and also the greatest pain... 
you so quickly made me full of life, and then when i lost you, with you my life had ...

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Myths and Wishful Thinking.

It's odd for me
To be down on my knees
Praying to a God
That I don't believe in

I asked him why
There's so much pain in my life
And the one bit of joy
Was cut off like a knife

I was angry and mad
Didn't expect a response
I was crying and yelling
In my little tiny house

I heard in my heart
The reason to be
That there wasn't a soul good enough
To fill the love that I need

He ...

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My Unborn Child













You left my body

before you were born.

My freezing body

floated toward the light,

only to be returned

to life by grace

and a prayer.


I was glad to

be alive but bewailed

my unborn child.


My child, did you

leave me because

of my sins?

To leave my sordid

life ...

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Baby Jade

 You made a woman of me.

With your little tiny little body growing inside of me.

A tiny foetus that turned into an embryo.

When I first felt you kick I knew I’d never let you go.

The result of a conception made in love.

You had the excitement of a puppy and the grace of a dove.

So small on that screen all bouncing around

When I first saw your scan my feet didn’t touc...

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