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You only get 1 chance at first times,

First kiss, first love, first beer, first rhyme.

A new first day, every day you wake up,

A million first impressions, a hundred new haircuts.

One hundred and one won and lost bets,

A thousand people unmet, still strangers, yet –

Why do we walk around with eyes on the ground,

Perpetual frowns casting furtive glances around?

Afraid to meet these yet unmet people?

Experience the still unexperienced?  We need to

Try harder at living the life we’ve been graced with,

Us, a single cell that beat the billion others we raced with.


I’m the same.  I get so absorbed with the mundane 

And everyday life I forget to remain present 

And instead try to stay the same rather than 

Enjoying the game of life! 


And you’re not to blame!

It’s hard!


To open your eyes and open your heart,

And open your life to the new and unknown,

But it’s a start,

By turning off the TV, look up from your phone and look around.

Just look at life around you.

The colours, the movement, the smells, the people.

This is life, let it drown you.


And there’s so much more to see -

If we just give it a chance, a first chance,

And set yourself free.


You only get 1 chance at first times.


First love,

First fight,

First car,

First bike,


1 life.

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Stuart Bright

Thu 10th May 2018 11:48

Thanks for the feedback Ray - I started with one idea in mind for structure then it kind of evolved into what is here now, it's a bit all over the place i guess. And i agree, people / need to was a bit of a stretch!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Cheers!

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