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Some loses are meant to be

For they pave the way for victory

We may feel sad and full of grief

But having faith can bring relief

The road to triumph is not always easy

We must persevere and stay busy

Though many hurdlles may we face

Our determination we must embrace

So let's not fret or lose our way

Our tomorrow will be a brighter day

For every loss brings a learning ...

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heartsoulpoetryismy life

Words Hidden Beneath Ink

A delicate touch on my skin.

How long has it been

since someone softly caressed me?

A touch so unknown,

yet Comfort finds their home.

As you trace the ink on my skin,

your eyes rake down my body,

drinking all of me in,

as if you have not drunk a drop of water 

for as long as you’ve been.

Your fingers on me,

feel like the first sunbeams that grace a leaf,

after a...

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tragedypoempainfarewelllonginglovepoetryismy life

life thoughts

Why is it that when I'm surrounded by the most people, 

I feel the most alone?


That when I think of the billions of other 




I feel a pit in my stomach,

swallowing me up from the inside, 

overpowering me with all-consuming darkness. 


How can a single grain of sand 

feel remembered,

when it looks the same 

as billions of others?


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deathlife after deathmy lifeNature

As I Progress Through Life

As I progress through this thing called life,

I detach more and more from strife.

I rejoice in simple pleasures taught,

Because I fill my heart with love sought.


I still my mind and meditate,

Searching the universe in an ethereal state.

The peace I gain keeps me balanced and sane,

Ascending above this mortal plain.


The more I learn about this station,

The more ...

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my lifelifelife's reflection

November Morning

Beep Beep Beep
The screaming of my alarm alerts me that it's time to stir awake from my sleepless dreams
I grab my mug and pour the dark liquid hell to get me through another day of 8-5
I grab my favorite unprepossessing red and brown checkered flannel with my short deep blue shorts
My eyes graze the outside sight of the glass infront of me
Cold, damp finger prints left by my hand as I begin ...

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poetryismy lifenaturemorning


Gathering in empty space

A bunch of flowers for my soul

The spring is nowhere to be seen

So I am hiding my face

Until I find the happy scene

In the movie I watch

All night and day

In my long way

To find inner peace

Gathering in the darkness

A piece of hope

The sun is nowhere to be seen

So I am talking with the night

To make myself breathe again

And find th...

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lifemy lifemy wordspoetry


The leaves of the tree

Behind the house of glass are falling

With each step of the wind

They liberate themselves from the branches

From the complexity of the connections

Connection of the root with the trunk

Of the trunk with the branches

Of the branches with the leaves

The leaves liberated themselves

From the connections

From the dependence


The leaves of the ...

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independenceLifeRealrunawaypoemstrongindependentbeautifulfreedomfreepoetrynaturecontrailsskywomanbreakfreehappyliberatedconnectionsismy lifebestbeyourselfselflove

A poem about a dream

As I took a breath, this morning
I wondered what it'd be
To be a body without life
and a body without feel

What feels like such a trauma
is also a reason to live
Cuz this is how we learn to fly after a fall
and how we dare to dare

I've known a lot of stories
and eyes that would tell more tales
But not every soul would speak up
nor every silence would stay put

I longed to take a s...

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my lifea dreamemotional painanxietyincident

more poetry

how can life be light and dark

especially at the same time

how is life good and bad

at the same time

life is always two things at once

it is a little confusing

but, hay, so am I

i am very confusing

especially when I'm mad

the world is like the yin-yang

it is light and dark

how can life be light and dark

especially at the same time



So tell me what yo...

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poetryismy life

Post Meditation

I grow the interest to know who thinks me,

I am still and silent at first,

The breath moves, I am given life,

I am in it, of it and with it,

The same as you, I am


I notice that my form is a vessel,

But I am not my form,

My thoughts run like programs

But I am not my thoughts

my emotions are felt deeply

But I am not my emotions


My body a sensory interpreter


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Meditationthinkinginterestspiritspiritualitylifemy life

Tomorrow I Will Retire


Teach me to understand the fineness!

Wean me from boredom and laziness!

Manifest to me many times kindness!

I am your slave, but… please…

Don’t put me on my knees!

I love you, I love you my father and mother,

I strongly believe in the great mystery of yours,

Only you can forgive me as I am a sinner,

Only you can understand me and do not curse.

I am ...

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my life

met a nice gothgal and also could have been killed 30/7/11



After a varied night out where I met varied people including a Welsh Goth in Satan’s hollow, I returned home. Loaded up with 8 pints of beer and kebab and chips, I did the half an hour two mile walk home from trouble filled Oldham. Don’t want any kicking off at 3:30am. Making my way past the park, it happened. I saw 4 Asians walking down the middle of the road. I finishe...

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lovedeathmy life

Something about me


I will tell you about me like this:

I will never be tall,

I will never be small,

I will never be a man,

I will never be a football fan.

I would certainly like to have coffee in bed,

but  it looks so sad,

as I’ll have to get up,

without any make up,

then … to dress, then to undress.

I will never jump as high as 2 meters,

because…I won’t be able t...

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my life

I am not.....

I am not the sun,

I do not radiate light,

I like to have fun,

don't like to fight.

I am not the sun,

I can't live alone,

even having fun

I'd like to be flown.

Someone calls me sunny

and I certainly like it,

but prefer to hear honey,

for me it's more a fit.

I am not the sun,

I am just a woman.

Yes, I like to ...

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my life

I am one of those.....


I am one of those who likes to live,

to be a friend and to forgive.

I am one of those who hates a lie,

if it were for me a war I would deny.

I am one of those who likes to dream,

if to play games then in a family team.

I am one of those who likes to sing

and listen to the bells ring.

I am one of those who likes to laugh,

the time with my dear ones is no...

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my life

If I am strong

If I am strong.

Is it a compliment to be strong?
I think it's not that and it's wrong.
If I am strong
Do I have to ignore my feelings?
They think I am like a steel
And will survive and cope with any drilling.
If I am strong
I would  be able to overcome all those shrill feelings.
Is it really wrong to be strong?
But what should I do with my feelings?
It's so painful to b...

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my life

I like to live my own life

I can smile,

Though sometimes it's so hard to do.

I can laugh,

Though sometimes the tears are running down.

I can look sometimes so lightminded, thoughtful.

I can joke, I can bear a lot of things,

But...sometimes I can't give away my offences,

And can't stand any pretences. those horrible moments

My soul pains hardl...

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my life

I am as I am

I think it doesn't sound strange

if I don't want to be changed

but... just to be as I am.

I often hear some people say:

you ought, you should, you must.

You should work hard

and do everything fast.

But...I am grateful to the Lord

and take it as a reward

to be as I am.

There are some people

who want to meet me,

they say they need me;


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my life

growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We sho...

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loverevelationlogicmy lifelifesecrecysecrets

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