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Paul Sayer on My Sunday call to prayer (1 hour ago)

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In the Dark

I don't want to push you away

I could ruin everything we have

I'm scared one day you'll see it all

And then you'll leave me to fall


I'm trying so hard to be perfect

I've been fighting all my instincts

It's been better for the most part

With you here with me


The thing I do sometimes

I know they don't make sense

The way my brain ticks

I know it's hard to ac...

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broken persondamageddamaged heartlearning to be betternew beginningsnew loveold scars

Category 5

When I think of you, I am flooded with a million emotions
A wave
A wave so big it could take out the world
My world 
And that it did
I haven’t been the same since I met you. 
I’m part to blame for that
You are quick on your feet
Charming, witty, and handsome
Oh so handsome
I opened the flood gates 
I welcomed in the storm
The perfect storm that you are 
But little did i know it was hu...

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damagedloverelationship breakup


I have many scars

You can’t see in the light

Behind my smile

Is a world of pain


Constant battle

With myself

Whether it’s worth it

To try anymore


‘Cause in the dark

I introduced you

To every part of me

Showed you everything


When the sun came up

The truth came out

And without a doubt

I’m unloveable


Should’ve known

Never should’ve...

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