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April 2024 Collage Poem: All Too Much

Too many holidays. Let's go to

Blackpool instead


A citadel, a red crescent, a wing

When oh when - tell me the fighting ends soon

Words weaving pictures

Wonderful windows on the world


Drink the water   Ride the 192

Round we go again, with these selections

Florid foreskins, tea-stained, tobacco

stained perhaps?


As the knife slides into diva flesh


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April collage PoemAll too MuchStockport Write Out Loud

September 2023 Collage Poem: Hallways of Life

Sharp eyes gleam from yeasty bread

Suspenseful stars trick savage horses


Sephardic interlopers run thru the hallways of life;

tears are driving their day

creating my own judgement day again


All the world is weeping for the broken dreams

A distant ghost wandering the wilds

closing down behind us


Thinking grim thoughts on dark grim nights

Folding the piece ...

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Hallways of LifeLittle DalbySeptember Collage PoemStockport Write Out Loud

May 2022 Collage Poem: This Empty Place

The gods of war take their last biscuit

In darkness, there was a sharp white light

The flush of life, now intense, remembered.


Forgotten rooms of MySpace

Ghosts of lost connections

Livecake holograms line the empty

Windowless green walls. A Tower

PC waited for something to press his

‘ON” button.




Summertime should never die


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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemEmpty Place

February 2022 Collage Poem: Relief from the Darkness


Wallowing in darkness like warthogs in a pool

Horrendous December in the Gym

Under my duvet a donut prods my lust.

Outside the ambulance carries the lost prophet Susan

Through the slashing rain.


Channelling memories that everybody liked

More than joy, joyriding with sweaty socks leaving

A pile of charcoaled grief.


Grim and grimmer walked away 

Without a gl...

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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemFebruaryRelief from the Darkness

June 2021 Collage Poem: The Other Me


Lonely windows for the imaginary friend

The unicorn lost his way with the geography teacher


One mind with but two disparate thoughts.

Imaginary friends have feelings too.


I only exist when you think about me

What was it the geography teacher did?


A true friend knows life returns

Am I real or a figment of my imagination?


Ming vase found the small way...

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Collage PoemJune Collage PoemStockport Write Out LoudThe Other Me

April 2021 Collage Poem: From the Shadows

If you don't know you won't know
and if you don't know that, then what do you know apart from that
according to you I am not me

An eightball car without wheels but with music
In the shadows of the city, the philosopher killed his bride
I knew the bride before she got wed he shrieked
and she smashed the DJ over the head with a bottle of 16th century single malt whiskey
Mr Motorist in red a...

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Aprilcollage poemfrom the shadowsStockport Write Out Loud

March 2021 Collage Poem: Velvet Saboteurs

Change rooms, change behaviour, change times.
Change partners, change parents, change poetic style.

The diary under my bed reveals truth but I still ebb away before your eyes
From the shadows she whispered,
Power proliferates, changing buses, changing lives,
Running away from somebody else’s husband

Profiteroles? I love profiteroles said Chaucer but I can't spell it.

Asking myself wha...

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Collage PoemMarchStockport Write Out LoudVelvet Saboteurs

July Collage Poem 2: Pain and Darkness

Out of the land came beauty
and a beautiful headache
School of madness, replete with cat
Love from within me
Dancing within yourself 
Several days later 
Transient to your ways of love 
in this hidden place, 
the darkness you thought would protect you, 
but the light remains in my mine
Dance it out in post-Covid Strasbourg 
with Nietzsche and Jung
We return to the streets, 

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Stockport Write Out LoudJuly Collage Poem2020Pain and DarknessVincent Van Gogh

June Collage Poem II: Following the Science

Nigel was right of course
straight out of the other side 
walking across the zebra lane
on that promenade 
the treachery of Facebook.

The Green Man is sleeping until winter 
but spring rain will awaken him next year,
haunted by the repetition

it was a day like this 
when she was a tree 
and he wore her like a cloak
When she was smoke 
clinging to a death bed, 
no wasted anger arra...

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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemFollowing the Science

April 2020 Walpurgisnacht Collage Poem

Overtaken by cyclists heading into sunrise in your dreams  

Broke grains on Monday, counting red angels

Drunk on darkness smiling on the shadows

A phone call only a shadow away from your fingertips

We are the survivors stunned, in Stockport

Digging deeper, reflective

Talking to the walls

Church bells toll for every day without a death

We are the poets leaving our words open...

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Collage PoemStockport Write Out LoudWalpurgisnacht

October 2019 Collage Poem: Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers

At least 80

If I see tomorrow

I shall see the sunrise


The settlements were fragile,

Yet at the same time, strong


A descent into madness –

Resurfacing at Thursday Club


I’m always happy to stop for a hitchhiker

Over the years I’ve had

Elvis Presley and Lord Lucan as passengers

But everyone thinks I’m lying


Slender Man, Enderman, carrying things,


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Collage PoemHitch HikerOctoberStockport Write Out Loud

August 2019 Collage Poem - 'Washed Out to Sea'

Hypnotic Methodist Tingling

A sea of souls awaiting slaughter for freedom


Mermaid, just say no


On a darksome day we skipped to death

Marked by a felt-tipped pen


There is sadness, but not without hope


Samuel Bamford is protesting

In Hong Kong

Filming on his smart phone, filming,

Sharing, filming, sharing. Hoping it

Won’t be edited out, won’t be his ...

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August collage poemPeterlooSeaStockport Write Out LoudWashed out to Sea

March 2019 Collage Poem - 'In the Wardrobe'

Silence, echoes, look at the colours

And Distant Distractions

Minks and stoles all of this reminds me of you


Silver hunter's knife

Overseer left mute

Soiled aliens desperate in Heaton Moor

Park stumble on a Mel

Brooks look-a-like


Inside the man bag, inside the wardrobe

Inside the mind, a voice, a naked voice

Lost in the wardrobe, he looked for 

Dead bodie...

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collage poemmarchStockport write out loud

'Cloth and Club' - August 2018 Collage Poem

Fidel Castro let go of the bed

His broken record bucks with static


Blame blame blame the

P.E. teacher who made my

Life grim.


The earth is burning, the earth is burning

May as well spend the weekend on Blackpool Sands


Love beats abortion, irony beats stupidity

Swirling around in a stark blood red orange

Lost in a made-up history of calming fire-pit ale


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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemClothClubAugust

A Marriage of Ghosts - July 2018 Collage Poem


Aqueous humour's not very funny

Neither is how easily we forget

The story of each other's pain


Arranged marriages of spirits and the

remnants of deep pain


The sky is a plush blue velvet

Its papery clouds are upon it

As if they are lace - the 

Dew glistens on the grass

Like numerous bright eyes looking

Up at the sky


The wrong arrangement can be d...

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One eyedcollage poemJulyStockport Write Out Loud

March 2018 Collage Poem: Changes


Poetry in unusual places

Yarn-bombing red as a spaniel

Line of poetry clutters in clusters


Faeries and Diddymen, aliens and witches

We transcend to rainbows when we die

Cold coffee cup clocks stuck at half-past six


The witch her face disfigured

Better methinks burnt at stake.


Lost in the past watching swallows flying north in spring

Swallows in blue s...

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AprilChangesCollage poemStockport Write Out Loud

February 2018 Collage Poem - Running with the Wild Wind

Various forms, jump into sestinas

with withering winds and eager ancestors

A room with no windows shakes and rattles

It holds inside a madman singing of

Man's Fall.


From man back to monkey

With a wave of Mr Wizard's Wand

That cruel hateful yellow star

Kissing chaos: my man is not ill

Tasting the salt, feeling the bullets


He disappointed his ancestors,

as ...

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collagefebruaryStockport write out loudwild wind

October 2017 Collage Poem: The Strangeness of Dreams

Birds in their time

Snatched by roaring winds

To dream of whatever is there


In the shadow is a haunted face

As another lies awake waiting now


Water, rising, frogs, fish, fins, brushing

The legs as they passed by


The hazy days of summer

And all that racket

From next door

Wish I could sleep!


To dream is to sleep

To sleep is to dream

The myst...

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2017Collage poemdreamingstockport write out loud

November 2016 Collage Poem: Forking Paths

Sand to page to gentle water

Grey on grey you greasepaint dogs

Cold spirits recorded: lists of names


Swans are swathed in chiffon

Whilst bombs kill buildings:

The art of war

Casked in delights

Of stale Big Mac meals


I don't like bringing religion

Into this but Jesus said to the sick

'Take up your beds and walk!' Well I say

'Put down your blades and talk!'


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November collage poemStockport write out loud

February 2016 Collage Poem


Jesus went for a rather long walk

Through magpie faeces to the slaughterhouse

In the stench of hate

Hanging with religious gangrene

Cushioned in silent landscapes

Immersed silently with broken hope


Put away like broken dishes

A poetic riddle told what it could be,

Branches creaking like hands clapping

To the answer given.



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Collage PoemJesusStockport Write Out Loud

Jazz - September Collage Poem


Breeze of loss blows

an Autumn anomaly


To those who don't like jazz

please have a change of heart


Piercing my eyes like sharpened glass

a salty boy stands in dark shadows


It's like watching paint dry

I am ready to like jazz


Let's ask Matt and Phred - Is jazz dead?

The paintings cost more than you think


Ready to open another door

like s...

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collageJazzStockport write out loud

July 2015 Collage Poem

Crimson dust for a forgotten man,

The nuances of place emerge


All of us are wearing lace-up shoes

In this we are the same,

And other ways

That are hidden.


In screaming, panicked pain swells


Help may be

The only thing I can offer,

As well as my ear

And my time.


Bleeding the sky with your cosmic clouds

That shelter my dark matter

From within...

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Collage PoemJuly 2015Stockport Write Out Loud

Heart of Stockport II


Stockport town is upside down


Blue skies, regret for the river that was

I caught your cobble-stones with conviction

Voices from the youth skimming across the waters


Love is underfoot, under wet sand


Throw stones at the past; take care of the present; enjoy a future.


Red streaks blurring wistful meanderings

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine city


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Collage PoemHeartlandMerseyStockport Write Out Loud

Exile - March Collage Poem

Numbers lost tutting in a happy mode
Lost for words but is nice to see you all
One, two, three bloody Mary
Has burnt that toast again
Seeing your face light up
When you see mine
A shining beam pierces the darkness
Stallions taking you on a chariot ride
Watching animals at Belle Vue

Three two one and the bullets are all gone. 




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Collage PoemMarchStockport Write Out Loud

January 2015 Collage Poem: Novelty


Intact, these children dance and sing

Forward and back.

Forget hatred; make love,

but don't whore


Don't tell me the truth

Or look at the meanings

In between words


Summer is a salad of water

Blue eyes


People of all kinds

too many to remember -

Who cares?


I see new words in new directions

All new faces and self-reflections

A pill to ...

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Collage PoemNoveltyStockport Write Out Loud

Willpower - June Collage Poem

Herded in trains, peripheral memories,

feelings frozen under violent suns

frizzled out across the weekend:

tuna and chips, beer in the square.


The will of one person

gets power from many;

The loudest of actions

hide behind a silent will.


Sometimes I forget to get some

try not to be stupid and don't laugh

truth too painful to hear


Better the cracks of


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Stockport Write Out Loud

Shakespeare's Aunties (Stockport WoL Collage Poem)

Fun by numbers; birds loom, weather threatens.

The naked jogger eyes the eagle's wings.


Walking on egg-shells

Breaks me up


Senses erotic with words

And the ghost of memory writes his name


You do it to make the story work.



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Stockport Write Out Loud

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