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February 2020 Collage Poem: Don’t Go Down that Street

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There’s a rumour going round that street

Pushing past their little destinies


Caught short Shakespear relieved himself against the corn sheaves

The fox startled bit the leg of the harvest jigger


The painting has little time to dry, as poets' pens begin.

To take down a street of music, blended to new worlds of rhyme.


Underneath the moon

The rabbit did not sto...

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2020Collage PoemFebruary

Oh lord god in the hearts of men and women plant a seed 
Let it grow to take away every bad thought and bad deed 
War is something to forget, firmly leave in the past 
All our Soldiers in war situations get them out fast 

Were all born to die so why do it with Bloody War 
Families should grieve for battle fell loved ones no-more 
Set your heart god to cleaning the hearts of all men 
in peac...

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But I'm better...

But I'm so much better...

It's been eons since those devilish little whispers were anything more than passing spirits ...or has it been but a moment

Today they are screaming

Today they are deafening

Today I feel them vibrate through my entire being

...I am scared....

I am terrified that once again the monsters within me shall chase away the light I have found


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Ring in the New Year


Turning back the hands of time on this year

I have had times of great sadness, and times of great cheer

Times when I thought, would this day be my last?

When all seemed so futile, when death seemed so near.


In this last year, many a thought raced me by

When in utter despair, I’d break down and cry

Life seemed so fleeting, without purpose or cause

With no time for ...

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