Willpower - June Collage Poem

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Herded in trains, peripheral memories,

feelings frozen under violent suns

frizzled out across the weekend:

tuna and chips, beer in the square.


The will of one person

gets power from many;

The loudest of actions

hide behind a silent will.


Sometimes I forget to get some

try not to be stupid and don't laugh

truth too painful to hear


Better the cracks of

the Age of Oblivion than to

board a Nazi train.


Chocolate cake.


Stockport Write Out Loud

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dorinda macdowell

Tue 8th Jul 2014 16:40

Hello everyone! - got back last weekend from a wonderful two weeks in France......and now I'm back I cannot find the theme for the next WOL (that has nothing whatsoever to do with vin rouge!!!) - so please could someone let me know what the theme is? - Thanks so much! - Au revoir! -----Dorinda x

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John F Keane

Sat 14th Jun 2014 15:58

I was thinking of doing a large single book of them, Andy. Each one sums up each evening very well.

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Andy N

Fri 13th Jun 2014 12:44

that last line 'chocolate cake' is mad but kinda finishes the piece off perfect.

great stuff.

when's volume 2 coming out of the collage pieces, john?

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Nigel Astell

Tue 10th Jun 2014 13:51

Bring forth
write down
collective knowledge.

Each mind
brings forth
personal preference.

Which when
wisely mixed
brings forth - - -

this Collage Poem.

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