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Arrive Alive

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Road crashes are every minute 
Here and there, in every point 
More than a million killed a year 
And speed is death, no doubt 


“Drive Safely” is only choice 
ٍSafety belt, has no "price" 
Come back safe for the family 
We live "once", not twice 


Road is not real excuse 
But the behavior is a main cause 
For crashes all over that world 
No more anger .. no abuse


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A Million Ordinaries

I’m ordinary and that’s ok

Extraordinary is made of

A million ordinaries anyway


I can feel Magnolia

Reflecting sheen 

From her glossy dark leaves


It’s early afternoon

Rays warm my left shoulder

My car window lets just enough in 


The faint rattle in my back seat

Plays a bridge

To the melody of my AC


The turns of my car, so familiar

The rout...

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Insomnia (unamused by a whitling muse)

a night too quiet

yet, even in it’s silence,

not quite enough for me

now in my head those words were read

by Richard Burton

but then she came calling in the hours

when there aren’t yet enough digits on the clock

and I ignored the advice of William S Burroughs, or some other I forget,

and told her to fuck off, leave me to the monotone

test card transmission, t...

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