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The greatest things in life cannot be seen,

Like happiness, love and serenity,

Anger, malice, wrath and rage,

I'm sick of these feelings as I grow with age,

There's more to life than being locked up,

Slamming dope and running amuck,

Looking over my shoulders the paranoia doesn't stop,

The fun is all gone and the streets are too hot,

Life on the run has turn into a drag,


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Nightmare off 75

Anxious vibes keep me awake

I have these vivid dreams at night

They tell me you are not alright

It eats me alive that I cannot call tonight

Every second felt so real

The headlights and broken glass

Sharp breaths that sound like your last

The blood on your shirt and on my hands

The way they tried to pull me back

All I could see was your hand, a cracked screen, and glasses...

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Vasovagal Syncope.

Clock out, start my car and check my phone.
I look down, see a text "Hey, you doing okay bro?"
Confused and realizing I missed about 12 calls.
Didn't know what was going on, nothing was clear,
*Incoming call from 'enter name here'*.
I answered "Hey what's up?" and then I heard the tears.
"What's going on? What did I miss? Are you alright?"
'You didn't hear? She was driving and passed away l...

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Chemical Fire


Burn baby and give me some sulphuric hydrochloric acid smoke,
your fire gives me toasted tiktox and crisps me up nicely.
Boom goes the roof when 55 gallon drums go flying and it’s all ballistic.
The money shot is when the boss’s office goes up like a frigging rocket.
He was sat at his desk and went to the moon. 
Chemical Ali won’t be coming back anytime soon. 
Question is where is his t...

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accidentmean bosssatire

Those Paintbrush Women

I think I’m addicted to acting the way,

Behaving the way,

I feel:


No, I never meant to-


No, I never intended to-


didn’t set out to break your heart

I think that it came naturally to me...

Snapping those heart strings it’s what


It’s what I’ve always done best.

Affection is a weapon they say,

Charm is a murderer they say,

The blood you lose...

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oil swirling 

dancing and in hand

with dirty water

ripple down the street


a screeching tire

splashing and skids

on the empty, black road

disturbing dance


the engine pumped faster, the gray sky smiled in turn

the tire hopped a curb, then flew from the ground


the tire clashed with the earth

mud splattered the clean paint

the car rushes to gain an in...

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A Slightly Dirty Limerick

This traveler was out of luck

The other car oh it was struck

She said it was my fault

Her I wanted to assault

But my thought YOU YOURSELF CAN GO FU**


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squash head




Squash Head


You drive your Mini in mad rush hour traffic

dodging buses like a pinball.

Thinking your 3-inch steel bullbars

will be strong enough to protect you.

Okay, wrong turn! Hit a wagon and see you burn

as Mini explodes and you die very badly.

Your Mini totalled in your crazy gamble but your

3-inch bullbars are still nice and shiny,

my squash hea...

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car crashwreckaccidentinjuriesdeathpeople

Encounter (This Motorway's Mine)

Encounter (This Motorway’s Mine).


A black crow struts down the central reservation,

pecking at the remnants of undefined road-kill.

The white dotted line stretches out forever –

reminds me of the perforated slip on a tax form –

something that’s required but causes great effort

to tear along regardless, and sod the consequence.


A lemon-curd sandwich, parke...

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road ragespeedaccidentcrashm62guilt




Dream of a nation, they built a big airship for Arctic exploration. Things went so well, taking a plethora of readings and photographs till a head wind sprung up. They used most of the fuel battling the wind. Serious technical trouble followed. This would go downhill, fast.

A crash!

Ripping fabric, torn envelope. Smashed control cabin forlorn on the ice. Many dead and i...

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airborne explorationarctic airshipitaliaaccident

Natalie. San Carlos Water and free download link

Natalie. San Carlos Water

Pieces of flotsam and jetsam floated on the early evening tide. Turning this way and that, always in motion. Never still, each bit jostling with the other for a foothold on the sand, being denied by the rolling water. Little bits of detritus in the ocean. In time, all would be land born...

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nataliewar to peacestunt aeroplaneaccidentskypeoplefalkands/malvinasfree download






Be very very careful or this machine will kill you. If you fall beneath the tracks or let the guillotine blade catch you that will be the last thing you ever do, period.

For now the machines can think, they have become aware, have their own intelligence. One mistake will be the end of you.

This is the 21st century and the man-made machines a...

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machinesaccidentdeath to people by machines





We lost Hugh. Flying such a beautiful little airplane in a blue desert sky, what a nice handling jet. Do what you want with her but no high speed turns too tight, might hit invisible wall in the sky. Dogfight every American jet fighter built none can beat the Mig17 Fresco. Turn on a dime, Russia did this almost right. Ultimate aggressor trainer, what better than to...

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americamigfighterrussiajetaggressortrainpilotaccidentdeathcold warsecret





Sat in the back of a car – Mini Metro or Chevrolet Matiz –

just waiting for the crash. My crash part of our crash.

Pulping my flesh, tearing skin, crushing bones.

Severing my head as my unbroken left arm twitches –

nerve ending! At my eyes’ last sight.

Mini Metro comes to rest on its side, petrol pools and burns.

Other car gen...

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