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Arrive Alive

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Road crashes are every minute 
Here and there, in every point 
More than a million killed a year 
And speed is death, no doubt 


“Drive Safely” is only choice 
ٍSafety belt, has no "price" 
Come back safe for the family 
We live "once", not twice 


Road is not real excuse 
But the behavior is a main cause 
For crashes all over that world 
No more anger .. no abuse


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No one

          No one but me


I’m not what I was

nor wanted to be

not happy not sad

not bandaged not free

not one in a million

not one of the crowd

not quiet

not silent

nor particularly loud


I’m not one of them

and I’m not one of those

I’m not into fashion

but I do wear their clothes

my looks are quite normal

for those who can see

though shorter ...

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