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No title to this sad song

I feel no warmth in your stay,

only light flames from your exhaust lead the way. 

The deadliest parts of you,

I hold high and mighty.

“Clearly it’s  not working out”

you tell me while I’m crying  


what’s wrong with me  


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I Hate You.

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I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
That's all I can say for now.
You're selfish, you're heartless and nobody wants you around.

Why would anyone ever like a selfish cow like you.
An inconvenience, a burden and a terrible person to be, too.

I wish I could forgive you but I can't stand your sound.
You're pathetic, you're ugly...please just don't come around.

You can cover your ears and deny w...

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-To all the girls who love their beautiful  curly hair: 

Life just didn’t treat you fair. 

You started off as a soft delight 

then darkness grew, as the nights took flight. 

They screamed at you with venom, 

So you hid from their mighty bite


You ran home crying, 

because a bully tried to put up a fight. 


Coming home with mascara running down your face, 


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Too Familiar

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Today I woke with the all too familiar feelings again. Those never changing Feelings , except perhaps always only in depth. The Familiarity , like the type of stranger you've known all your life, rattles me every time .Each time it happens I feel something stirring deep inside me, a shift at the depths of my core. The slightest of movements almost like a wisp of air it silently flutters ,briefly ,...

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