A Drowning Dream.

To learn everyday was what taught to me,
Sinking in an ocean, moving steadily;
It was the ocean of knowledge and believes,
Suddenly the world changed, and power came to cease.

'Look at him, look at her', comparing to the whole world,
Trying my very best, to win in every word.
Becoming a good son, a dear brother and good friend,
But that 'I', was lost in the end.

I became what you want, and you are not satisfied.
Coz in the end there is always someone else who shines.
I am not a star, a genius or someone who you can be proud of,
Failing in my own eyes because of your dreams, more than you can count of.

I wanted to fly, I wanted to dream,
That was the only thing I wanted to believe.

Now losing all my dreams and hopes,
I just want to rest, in peace.

anxietybrokenbroken dreamscompassiondreamsdrowndrowninglow self-esteemself hateself worth

◄ A battle with self.

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