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-To all the girls who love their beautiful  curly hair: 

Life just didn’t treat you fair. 

You started off as a soft delight 

then darkness grew, as the nights took flight. 

They screamed at you with venom, 

So you hid from their mighty bite


You ran home crying, 

because a bully tried to put up a fight. 


Coming home with mascara running down your face, 

because all you wanted was to look like a small bit of faith, 

Their approval was necessary 

The warped idea the amount of likes you get on Instagram define your worth in this world 

So You bowed at the feet of those who defined you. 


You began to give up. 

Whispering, what’s the point of living, 

For people only see you  as a fat girl,

with no dreams. 


Anger boiled inside your heart, 

as you looked in the mirror and saw quite a fright  

Your body had curves, and folds, 

stretch marks, and hair  

you say to yourself  

same old me, 

nothing less nothing more  

“I hate you” “I hate you” 

You don’t deserve light, 

continue to bathe in the darkness


Evil flowed through your bloodstream


almost as if revenge became a physical being  

it was a sweet voice 


Yet kind, 

An old soul at times  


a sudden wave of perfection washed over me, as if I were swept in a tidal wave with no choice but not to  breathe  


i began to hurt myself, 

i began to starve 

I began to think of myself as a project, 

and not a work of art

Just a small grain of sand on a long pebbled  beach  


With no future to hold, 

No flesh 

Just bone 

Until I drop dead.

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<Deleted User> (18118)

Thu 7th Jun 2018 22:05

Very powerful and I think important poem about the pressures and expectations put on girls by others and eventually by themselves.
Thanks for sharing this.


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