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Tycho (Deviationist Astronaut And The Zany Karmic Architect)

I'm rushing below the firmament in a submarine
Pulled up by balloons 
Rocket thrusters won't work in a vacuum
The torrid plasma liquid washes over the viewing screen
And the Hubble telescope cannot anywhere be seen
This periscope doesn't recognise the space handed to us it seems..

Am I floating beneath the epidermis of a prison planet scheme
I fear this is way beyond my theosophical steam

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Sci-Fi So Good

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Sci-Fi So Good


I look up to the spickly skies and wonder whether creatures

are idly looking down on me with glubulitious features.

For if the truth is out there (and I have no cause to doubt),

is it green or mangerine and does it blodge about?

Does it wear snickly nylon suits that sprackle when it walks

and will it chuggle like a baby every time it talks?



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Solar Mum

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Fast plunge the meteors, the silent horde,

Then space of Solar System slightly quivers,

Small telescope, the best he could afford,

Feels Tim’s eye press as his mind softly shivers.


The platform that holds up his nightly seat

Is shaken until crashed to concrete base,

Is this the end of Tim’s nocturnal treat?

Will shards of Oort Cloud delete human race?


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Science Fiction

The Living See

The Living See breathing tides swell and rise senses washed with waves of time I, you, them and we merged within a pulsing sea something stirs unseen below fears and passions ebb and flow your pain in my heart my rage in your guts a spectrum of minds all dance in the flux the edges smoothed we move in union the pain removed by dissolution the ecstasy of our communion a truly symp...

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