Star Wars

For those who love their science fiction,
Star Wars holds the most conviction.
Set long ago and far away,
We love to watch them to this day.

We watch and see the Jedi Knights
Take on the dark side in light saber fights.
All are determined upon their course,
As some possess a power called The Force!

Luke Skywalker leads as young crusader
Against evil Emperor and Darth Vader.
His sister Princess Leia does also fight
For what is good with all her might.

Another thing one must admit
Is Hans Solo and his sardonic wit.
There is Obi-Wan - a Jedi master,
Who always seems to have the answer.

Master Yoda might be small and green,
But is the greatest Jedi that can be seen.
And then we have Jabba the Hut,
A creature with an enormous gut.

So these films - they really do impress,
No wonder they've had such success.
If you wish to feel the universe is yours,
Remember to watch the great Star Wars!!

Stuart VannerStar Warsscience fiction

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