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Running Man


Quickly pitting his wit

against an enemy

he reaches for his gun

the barrel is empty

the chamber clicks echo


Staggered staggering speed

as they close in he thinks

again which way to run

the white sedated walls

scream fear, shrinking backwards


A thorn through a window

whisperingly draws blood

as it strokes his cheek

reminding the senses

of motive for movement


Silent, steady, rushing

to his feet and his ears

louder, lurid, stronger

steadily the crashing

locates feeling again


Surge bursts to action

shot peripherally

escapes visionary

perception fading fast

finding holes to create


An exit exists near

the borderline white wall

the nearer it becomes

the more force is needed

legs become heavier


he drops to the floor



◄ Epiphany


Jamie Barton

Sun 3rd Mar 2013 21:08

Thank you Chris.

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Chris Co

Sun 3rd Mar 2013 16:43

It sounds like a dream - representative of the need to escape something in life that traps or cages. Enjoyed the language.



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