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Running Man


Quickly pitting his wit

against an enemy

he reaches for his gun

the barrel is empty

the chamber clicks echo


Staggered staggering speed

as they close in he thinks

again which way to run

the white sedated walls

scream fear, shrinking backwards


A thorn through a window

whisperingly draws blood

as it strokes his cheek

reminding t...

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A black pen, a worm chewing through

wood, waiting for flesh.


Crunching its way through shadow.


Candle wax on skin

setting hard in its way.


A flick of the wrist

and the ink scratch stains.


Trying to find a way

to communicate with vision.


Spew out, eat up, digest, reset.


Calculating the way with mind

set to epip...

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Pale Membrane


Everything seeps in, everything leaks, in to this pale membrane.

The air from gestures, the pain and wicked eyes flicker.

The soft secretion of lingering sadness shelters like a veil.

Not haunted though, not lost to anything.

A door left open for a breeze to walk in.


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