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Trust Is A Fickle Thing

Ever hear the phrase

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”?

Friends know your weaknesses,

enemies can exploit them.

Being a roommate is different than a friend

You trust your friend

You might trust your roommate at first glance

I did

I regret that decision

Living in close quarters can cause a ruckus

but not as much as disloyalty and distrust.

Knowing a ...

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Running Man


Quickly pitting his wit

against an enemy

he reaches for his gun

the barrel is empty

the chamber clicks echo


Staggered staggering speed

as they close in he thinks

again which way to run

the white sedated walls

scream fear, shrinking backwards


A thorn through a window

whisperingly draws blood

as it strokes his cheek

reminding t...

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This chilling loathe I bear,

I’d cut him up and boil him,

And hang his bones in my lair,

Then fuck his whore mother.

This despicable boy I hate,

I would take his eyes with spoons,

And serve them on a plate,

For one lucky homeless man.

Oh, let me count the ways,

In which I hate thee,

One, two, three,

Infinity, Infinity.

You are my mortal enem...

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