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Hello, I am a poem

Hello , I am a poem 
Your inner thoughts I share 
Your feelings and emotions 
Those thoughts you cannot bare 

Those deep down dreams 
And broken seams
That fray from deep within 

You let them flow 
You start off slow 
Then wheels ,they start to spin 

Your words they spill 
To try and heal 
Emotions that you hide

That you push deep
It’s hard to keep
These feelings locked insi...

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Monsters don’t exist

Monsters don’t exist they say 

They arent under your bed 

I realise now I’m older 

It was all just in my head


But them ones are the scariest 

They monsters in your mind 

The ones that make your heartbeat race 

The creatures you can’t find 


Only you can feel them there 

They’re Lurking in your brain 

No one here can hear you scream 

It’s driving you insane...

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anxietymonstersmindmental health

Mum guilt


Woken up Rudely by a wide awake kid 

Her iPad starts blaring , that one that you hid,


It’s 5 in the morning , but she wants to play,

But you’ve hardly slept, not ready for the day ,


You’ve been up all night , on the edge of her bed,

While she sleeps so soundly, sweet dreams in her head,


8 comes round it’s time to get up and go, 

But now she is ‘ tired ‘she’...

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