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Old As Love II

you have to watch it in here

old blokes get up to all sorts

seem to lose inhibitions and

indulge in odd water sports


dicks emerge like clockwork

just like they're past caring

pyjamas are a good excuse

for opening up and sharing


doesn't shock me anymore

hang there minute and limp

yet one or two can still do it

Patrick's a potent old pimp


its massiv...

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Back To Basins

those unsanitary days of yore

any hand-washer or hoarder

was deemed to be a victim of

obsessive compulsive disorder


gel meant KY or Vaseline, for

painful episodes down there,

often after inordinately free

bouts of sexy wear and tear


hands red raw from washing,

loft creaks with boxes of SPAM,

DT's swimming through my visor,

gel and tonic beats any dram


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Battle-hardened Sister Yvonne

Missed nothing

Double-checking mask, visor, gown


Colleagues, even

Consultants, relied on her to pin-point

Gaps in their armoury.

If anyone was safe from patients

She was.

After her shift last night she

Clocked off and

Walking to her car

Got hit by a taxi taking home a patient.

Reliable to the end

She did not troubl...

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