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Let’s Live on the Waves of Love!

Only one life we live,

Only in love let’s believe.

Let’s love and not fight.

Love is always right.


Let’s believe in miracles,

In star that always sparkles.

Close your beautiful eyes,

Over the clouds, a bird flies.


I’ll kiss you gently and slowly,

Your heart will rest surely.

Only love will save Ukraine,

Only love is now the main.


The world didn’t ...

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love poems

It is Hard For My Heart



It is hard for my heart

that I cannot see you.

Tell me why cannot I?

If I knew,

If I knew.

Do be just!

Show your trust!

Smile again as before!

Tell me new I Love You!

Nothing more,

Nothing more.





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love poems

The Melody of Love

One day I said: Love, you are so strong!

It answered: but I sometimes can be wrong.

Only fools are always right

And with anyone they can fight.

I said: when you are near my heart sings.

You are the one who happiness brings.


Love answered with a cunning smile:

To make lovers happy is my style.

- But I want to ask you once more:

Why were you so cruel before?


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love poems

Love of the Stars

On the suburb of the Universe

The beta star has lighted up.

Her luminescence was a diverse,

By God, she was set up.


His Majesty the Alpha star has seen her light,

has fallen in love with her at first sight.

His nights have become so bright,

somewhere even white.


At once he sent her a ray of love

wishing her to be his beloved.

Her Excellency the Beta star


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love poems

I’d Like To Thank You For Stealing My Heart

I thank you for the quietness,

For the bank on which I wasn’t left,

For your soul which gave me happiness,

For letting me know my craft.


Yes, I loved, but… in the way I could.

Yes, I laughed, but… in the way of my mood.

When falling I drank and smoked,

But there were always pranks and I joked.


I simply knew I was not lonely,

I didn’t repent, I didn’t preten...

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love poems

There is Nothing Without Love

People, take care of love!

Call your darlings “my dove”.

Sky can’t live without the moon,

If you trust love comes soon.


Don’t trust others your love!

Trust your love and your dreams.

It seems someone was born.

And the light appeared at the dawn.


Don’t lose your love because of offends!

Turn off your pride and arrogance!

If only someone pretends

Live apart...

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love poems

His Majesty Accidental Meeting

His Majesty Accidental Meeting

Accidental meetings,
accidental greetings,
accidental walks,
accidental talks,
accidental questions,
accidental answers...

But! Suddenly…
What’s happened?

Meetings, greetings,
walks and talks,
questions and answers
stopped being accidental.
Life has become sentimental.

Love has rushed into the circle
and quickly closed it.

Sleepless nights a...

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love poems


Every night i lie in bed

dozen scenarios in my head

thinkin bout how and what and when and where

every night you'll find me there


in my head

my secret place

in my mind 

my safest space


all those things i never find


i'd rather hide 

brave enough? not the case 


but in my mind 

my safest space 


i can be what i cannot

i can ...

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A portrait of Inma

To paint a portrait of you I would have to
Borrow, as steal is a word not suiting you,
From the greatest artists pick inspiration,
And create an extraordinary combination.

From Klimt shining and hollow beauty,
Liars screaming about diamonds and superficiality,
When pairing the brilliance of your mind,
Sacred body asses the most desirable kind.

From Kadinski organised randomness contour...

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Home is where the heart is

We have something

I know this because I keep trying to tell myself it's nothing

To help me walk away

But we always come back like the tide to the shoreline

Coming back to you is like coming home

Coming home in the dark of night when you've left the light on

The rush of warm air that greets you as you step inside

Close the front door behind you


You were my home

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