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Define 'Brightness': Sharpened

—- I don’t know how many of them there are. ‘enough to keep things guarded.’ you say I’m protected down to my every breath, but my thoughts scatter like a broken hourglass to that same place in the mind that weakens the immune system. and I don’t know how many there are lurking in the far beyond of that creviced awareness. your shadow grows the longer you hold me in-between the spaces of it. I spe...

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wisdom teeth//on purpose

The nurse in green hands me a syringe.

It’s in one of those small plastic bags, you know the ones. They held goldfish crackers when 

you were eight years old. 

She hands me this syringe and says to rinse after eating

that then I should be good and food won’t get lodged in my holes and I won’t get infections or dry socket. 

Watch out with certain foods, she says,

you know, things ...

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Between Insanity And Hope

Still I can smell her perfumes

Different with the changes of her moods

Like the changing shades of her looks

With different stories in between


Still I can see her dancing

With arms clinging around her lovers

Steps in and steps out in rhythm

With different scripts in between


Still I can hear her words

Decorated nicely like fairytales

Driving the lovers c...

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