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She had no home

When I met her as a happy wanderer

Navigating from places to places

I did told her I had nothing to offer

But the simple comfort of my chest


To this she looked at me smiling

“Hey you adventurer”, she told me

“You’re the one I have been waiting,

Home I don’t need, free I want to be”


“The road is a paved way to paradise,

Like the snail my house is this bag,

I ...

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Free the bird

Once I bought a bird in a shop

I opened the cage and let him be

For a flying happiness I’d hope

To let the stars witness it’s free

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A little trip

In the abysses of your eyes

Launching myself

To take a little trip and realize

Trying to make sense.


I will probably find colours and

Infinite kindness,

Delicate magic imaginary hand

Giving soft caresses.


Or will it be a chaotic symphony

Precious music

Sweet anarchy you make pretty,

Beautiful archaic.


After all maybe it’s better not to.


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A portrait of Inma

To paint a portrait of you I would have to
Borrow, as steal is a word not suiting you,
From the greatest artists pick inspiration,
And create an extraordinary combination.

From Klimt shining and hollow beauty,
Liars screaming about diamonds and superficiality,
When pairing the brilliance of your mind,
Sacred body asses the most desirable kind.

From Kadinski organised randomness contour...

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