Me Vs ME. A Dual Reality

every day is another to learn

and indulge in whats present

i figure there is so much that is pleasant

sometimes i have to just sit back and take it all in


in order to reconnect

this place is quite lovely

especially, as i realize im starting to love me

so much thats happening

i can get lost in both of my worlds

i l...

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i think I’m falling for you


thats probably what it is 

i can’t seem to get you off my mind

something about you

is consuming so much of my time 

and its becoming harder, 

the thought of leaving you behind.

life can be so crazy man 

once upon a time

you could never enter my world 

i was young and oblivious 

living in innocence

the bliss was magnifice...

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Through The Pen I Grieve


through the pen i grieve 

poetically it goes unseen

the prophecy foreseen

I’m trying man. I’m trying so hard man

life can be good. but it can really get stressful

I’m lonely here man

i didn’t really see this for myself growing up

little did i know

i would one day reap the karma that i sow

little did i know that in my most vulnerable states, the realizations would co...

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Just Another Day in the Coffee Shop


it’s not always that you catch the eye 

but there are times

where you simply can’t deny 

the connection that the 'eye' implies

remember the eye. it never lies 

it happens to be a sunny day

a young man seats solo at a cafe 

with a coffee in hand

in and out he breathes air 

he is observant per usual 

allowing it all to simply pass 

a beautiful women he spies 


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Peace In The Mind. This Love is Divine

last night you slept peacefully

instinctively, you woke before the crack of dawn

but in the subtlety of your yawn

the blind would mistake a new child was born

the sun hadn’t risen yet

but internally, an alarm was set

releasing the urge as you rise

to lay back down and close your eyes

the mind remains still

steering you

is sheer will

as the cold water beats the skin


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The ‘Quick Fix’ Turned to Greed.



just give me the quick fix I need

what that is depends on me

the stress is killing me.

this fix is turning to gluttony

will it someday begin haunting me?

is it to be important for me to succeed?

will it help me to believe?

that all is well

will I even be able to tell?

that i am fixated on it’s spell

or will it turn me into a shell?

of who i really am


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