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The significance of a pillow

You adjusted the pillow so tenderly under my head while we fucked,

I had never experienced consideration like that before, it felt so intimate.

It was so humane.

You detected my discomfort and cared enough to act.

You cared.

You acted.

I admit, it was exactly what I was longing for.


I am terrified.


Now, I must wait with white knuckles, choking on my breath.


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love poems


I’m sorry that

I called

And said it was an accident.


Something about you

Makes intentionality feel

so exposing.


You aren’t allowed to know I was desperate to hear your voice.

You might think im

Desperate enough to accept whatever you will give me.


It will never be enough.


It scares me that you might be right.


I am desperately devote...

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missing you

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