Just Another Day in the Coffee Shop

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it’s not always that you catch the eye 

but there are times

where you simply can’t deny 

the connection that the 'eye' implies

remember the eye. it never lies 

it happens to be a sunny day

a young man seats solo at a cafe 

with a coffee in hand

in and out he breathes air 

he is observant per usual 

allowing it all to simply pass 

a beautiful women he spies 

is seated at a table of five 


she catches his eye 

a vibration tingles down the young mans spine 

her aura screams poise 

indulged in her smile. silenced is the noise

he studies from afar 

her look and her style 

observantly he sips.

the present is his gift

suddenly aroused


theres a high in the browse

he uses the mind

 to travel very far

and with this women, he’s excited 

with the idea of not been anywhere at all 

he searches for a cue 

being its only her that he sees

in the midst of her crew 

and then it happens 

the eyes lock briefly 

and in that moment

a connection is felt deeply 

she blushes 

the ego laughs 

the moment has now passed 

and never shall they greet 

however, along the path 

the young man

is honored that they were able to meet 











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