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occult curriculum, whispers of the ancients, leave for letting out secrets
oil lamp kindling catching flames; shining begotten light from passerbys
in between classes, shifting penrose stairs lead into underlying framework on occasion
halls lined with rooks adjacent and curators searching for a select
rites of secret passageways proclaimed, karma to the dark is just a means to an end
time and time, victory is portrayed with the hero deemed at beginning scene, once again.

a challenge, in the first place-is meant to deem merit; with purpose left to those who never give in.
as the torches bearing luminance bring down the mood
seers seek secrets as beings met with belief tell time through the eyes of creation
divine matters sift through momentary volumes dialed in, symphonies of sound sourced from the most high.
fate would have it that forks diverge into alchemical affinity—aluminums stirred, while tensile strength gives way to molecular rebirth

intelligence: by design, creates space
in the light of many worlds
astral bodies find themselves forged in the hearts of stars as their sun signs are made within time and placed
stellar reprise conjures up quintessence
and glimpses of glint set forth the sequence of synchronicity and unfurl an everlasting array of illumination

free-spoken philosophers travel by word of mouth taking their toll on the ears of many.
all encompassing existence in its infinity comes from a place of sound mind, so when it is said let there be light, it needn't take time
the law of attraction orchestrates occurences to bring together the likes of butterflies
floral bouquets given the gift of insight
and let flourish through the ideal known as the light.

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