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About The Hill Girl...

That whole day

I was in a fray…

Wondering if I should

Let open my heart,

Tell that damsel

How often it beats fast…

But something kept me away from doing so

And I’ve been regretting that, oh ho!


The milky white looks of hers

Her touch was like silky feathers…

Her smiles beautified her aura

She had an edge over the fairies, I bet.

She dropped her effect on ev...

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Seduction Unleashed

Mesmerizing she looked in that yellow attire

Captivating my heart she translated into a desire

My eyes were glued to her chiseled shape

Such were her curves that I felt seduction…

Bewitched I remained testimony to her youthful charm!


Those rosy lips of hers showcased a favor

Whatever she spoke looked like a flavor

All through my thoughts I kept thinking

Peeping at her,...

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yellowbeautiful womansexy

Pink Jealousy

Rhythms of pink the color prejudiced

I looked at my heart and into two it was sliced

In the backdrop of life simple yet rustic

The girl in the display picture looks fantastic…

The factor oomph! The factual smile

She is new to me perhaps new for a whole while.

I felt I knew her but I cannot recapture any thought

I kept thinking and thinking, thinking a lot…

Utterly pretty sh...

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beautiful woman

Fascination Captivated

Fascination captivated,

Novel looks activated…

The admiration button is pressed on.

Mesmerizing you and I am smitten

This spontaneous effect was never written,

It is purely an add on.


Your eyes send ripples and they softly touch

Something happens in my heart and it’s too much

My heart beats fast now-a-days when I see you.

Although there is a distance,

Yet I feel ...

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girl crushthat girlbeautiful woman

Felt This For You!!

Ignored she was attention always went elsewhere,

Some said implicitly so some did explicitly so.

Mind is strange and plays games more than often

Triggering the unrest,

This time at its best and the stand did soften

It’s the rise of another jewel,

In the essence of womanhood a pure marvel.


Cords connect, so do eyes and so does mind

The restlessness has come to a standst...

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prettybeautiful woman

Three Day Illumination!

She wasn’t she when she took to yellow

She looked vivid far from being shallow

Carrying with herself a fascination

The looks exciting and cheeks speaking.

She wasn’t the one we had been knowing

That day definitely she wasn’t she

Not an ounce of the known Shehla Bakshi..


Miraculous look magnetic feel

Every beholder’s look she did steal

Like a phenomenal essence


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beautiful woman

Another Version

Lips polished by the red design,

Dove eyes talk about the beauty fine,

Intricate thoughts about you in totality,

You look like an old wine…

Taking my mind to the cloud nine.


Thy lips express the cheer,

How pretty you look! I swear.

Mannequin or the celestial nymph?

To every eye you must be dear,

Precious you, simply take care.


Your eyes are the emblem of rom...

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The Nape Of Her Neck

Festivity around the scene serene full of cheer

Hullaballoo! Everyone wanted to be there

She heard the noise outside from her balcony

White shirt and black trousers she arranged her hair

The lady looked pretty as she tied her hair

Oh, how beautiful was the nape of her neck!


She went amidst the crowd

Danced and danced feeling very proud.

The fiesta continued there for s...

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beautiful woman

I Have Gotten To Know... She Is A Witch!

I have gotten to know

That she is a witch…

She entices me

Often surprises me

With her eyes she stitch…

I have gotten to know

That she is a witch!


Those eyes stare me all the time

I seek asylum away from her regime

She dots me, notes my movement

I am unable to figure out her intent

If she wasn’t spying then why this glitch?

I have gotten to know

That she ...

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beautiful woman


When the lips meant to smile seduce..

To just a basic value men reduce...

When the feet walk and charm does produce...

And men walk to her and cry, "truce."


The eyes reflect a tinge, a sparkle,

And there she is around to dazzle,

Men find themselves in the maze n hassle,

Already building in the air new castle.


Her waist isn't thinnest but provocative,

She is her...

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shebeautiful womanseductiveex girlfriend

Corrigendum : Blue Scarf Yellow Suit

It was actually green and I hadn’t any clue

I penned down lines thinking it’s blue

Stanza after stanza inspired by the subject

Perhaps I was mesmerized, perhaps it’s true.


The subject threw light on my thoughts

And I weaved praise of all sorts.

There was a gush of guilt within me then,

While my poem had topped the charts.


Reception wrong yet the lines made some se...

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beautiful womanangel

नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट (Blue Scarf Yellow Suit)

नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट

She has got every attribute

She’s so simple yet very cute

सच बोल रहा हूँ नहीं रति भर झूठ |


आज कल खामोश सी जाने है क्यों वो

ऐसा लगता है जैसे कुछ खो गया हो

Quarantined at home no place to go

Is that worrisome or that the pace is slow

Or it’s me with my expressions mute.


नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट

She has got every attribute

She’s so simple ...

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beautiful woman

I Am Not The Only One

Quietly she releases waves of fascination

And her aroma heals the deterioration

She whispers to my heart in appreciation

Live life the way you want… Yet she says, I am not the only one.


In the darkest of the hour she blossoms like light

No rivalry with anyone, she offers pure delight

Whoever knows her, call her divine in their own right

She tenderly touches my heart… Yet ...

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beautiful womanbeautiful love poems

She is... She is... A Plastic Doll

She wears a smile,

She carries a profile!

Look at her, she is so interesting…

She is the face, she is the charm

She is known as the new norm…

A picture of fascination,

A product of imagination,

She is… She is… A Plastic Doll.


Cheeks bright, And are they fed…

Crystal eyes and those lips red…

Colored streaks and the hair blonde.

She is the grace, so beautiful,


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dollbeautiful womanyoung lady

Killer's Instinct

When the eyes do the wine effect,

When the lips turn aroma on…

When the halo transmits magnetism

My mind thinks a hundred times,

How she would be in real?


I mostly happen to see her image,

And there she is defying every age.

Miracle born, miraculous charm

She stirs me from beneath…

And I simply wonder who she is!


Novel attraction or a cute tease,


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Yellow Divinity

Inspired sometimes you feel but where do the words vanish. I scratched my head for a while but the result was no different. Some vibes were striking me off and on to write, but I wasn’t getting the control on vocabulary. Alas! The will inside was to showcase the eminence of the attraction I couldn’t let my eyes off today. Frankly speaking your halo radiated all around and every time my eye sight s...

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