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Another Version

Lips polished by the red design,

Dove eyes talk about the beauty fine,

Intricate thoughts about you in totality,

You look like an old wine…

Taking my mind to the cloud nine.


Thy lips express the cheer,

How pretty you look! I swear.

Mannequin or the celestial nymph?

To every eye you must be dear,

Precious you, simply take care.


Your eyes are the emblem of romance,

They reach to fetch the mind from trance,

Simple yet so extravagant.

For those eyes mind motivates to dance,

Writing for them is a bestowed chance.


The face is like a Tarrot card,

Unravelling the secret reward…

It talks about your being divine.

Every bad omen it does ward,

Promoter of the avante-garde.


Combination of life and smile,

You represent a new style.

Voluptuous looks stay gorgeous;

If you are watched for a while,

I bet, thoughts will turn hostile.


Your halo reflects reassurance,

It hugely talks about your presence,

Coquetish look but pragmatic.

The blue robes add to your essence,

Mesmerized by your imminence.


Is that a diva I have come across?

My heart missed a beat, Alas!

Triggered an emotional outcry,

I am figuring out my own loss,

Is she a beauty, a nymph or a candy-floss?


beautiful womancelebrityNymphs

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Sun 14th Jun 2020 00:59


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