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The day you bought me a yellow tie

I first wondered at your taste

Your wedding dress was primrose

Canary yellow at the waist


The lounge carpet is ochre

Kitchen cabinets buttercup

Daffodil is the bathroom

The place where I throw up


I'm sick to death of mustard

The sheets seem a tide of amber

In bed I get quite bilious

When over you I try to clamber



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Yellow Divinity

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Inspired sometimes you feel but where do the words vanish. I scratched my head for a while but the result was no different. Some vibes were striking me off and on to write, but I wasn’t getting the control on vocabulary. Alas! The will inside was to showcase the eminence of the attraction I couldn’t let my eyes off today. Frankly speaking your halo radiated all around and every time my eye sight s...

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beautiful womanPraise poetryyellow


we move in silence
the yellowing
age of the roses
continues with the tide

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the night outside
grows colder
he is sitting
listening to the shadows
move from room
to room

there are edges
along the corners
of the narrowing room
where the yellow
light of the lamp
does not touch

he is tracing
his memory
along the curve
of her wrist

the snow falls
in separate time

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Bumblebee Humblebee Dumbledore...

Bit of a weird recording, sounds like there's two of me at points...

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