Killer's Instinct

When the eyes do the wine effect,

When the lips turn aroma on…

When the halo transmits magnetism

My mind thinks a hundred times,

How she would be in real?


I mostly happen to see her image,

And there she is defying every age.

Miracle born, miraculous charm

She stirs me from beneath…

And I simply wonder who she is!


Novel attraction or a cute tease,

Emotions and emotions release…

Her eyes speak volumes, and

So does her mind;

Wonderful woman, intellect superb.


That tilt forward and the Selfie shot,

Sparkling persona and what not,

Assumptions many and yet not;

Turning the heat on from a house…

Umm! She is wearing a red hot blouse.


Eyes ponder and mind wanders,

The cuts in blouse draw guesses,

On its own the curiosity assesses.

It leaves the mind thinking,

Thoughts sinking and eyes winking.


I fail to fathom and that’s good

Because curiosity often kills the cat…

Good that it was only an image…

Reality may be something least

It’s better to stay a man than a beast.


You cannot be ordinary

You are supremely celestial…

Captivating beauty to every eye,

You know better what I mean.

Lady! Remain an impact.

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