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Felt This For You!!

Ignored she was attention always went elsewhere,

Some said implicitly so some did explicitly so.

Mind is strange and plays games more than often

Triggering the unrest,

This time at its best and the stand did soften

It’s the rise of another jewel,

In the essence of womanhood a pure marvel.


Cords connect, so do eyes and so does mind

The restlessness has come to a standstill.

Don’t know if it’s the inner humane

Or the sheepishly cunningness of the devil;

Whatsoever it is, the feel is remarkable

The heart listens to mind and is pretty stable

Her maturity delivers and she is very much capable.


People had pushed her into an illusion

And I too felt that was a reason of her seclusion…

But my diagnosis of her aura was totally wrong.

She isn’t just what she looks to the ordinary eye

She is deep, thorough, religious and beyond,

Charismatic even and knows when to open her cards

Company of hers accelerate and never retards.


I am posing questions to myself when I look into the mirror

There is something in those eyes that comfort and challenge.

When she wears spectacles she looks vivid and pretty,

Like a teenage neighbor – a friend just been.

Her eyes are usually moist and they hold a lot inside…

She mixes well with us yet she is in her own too,

I did ask her many times but she knows the art to hide.


I have written about her first time watching the display image.

I remembered her but her snap turned out an advantage.

Fascination is intellect yet we access that through reflections

Inadvertently sometimes some different actions,

And that elevates us and brings us closer to a comprehension

And I feel delighted to a make a simple mention,

That you are not just beautiful but a gorgeous composition.


prettybeautiful woman

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<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 17th Jun 2020 19:50

May all this come true for her and you. A beautiful poem I must say.

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