Three Day Illumination!

She wasn’t she when she took to yellow

She looked vivid far from being shallow

Carrying with herself a fascination

The looks exciting and cheeks speaking.

She wasn’t the one we had been knowing

That day definitely she wasn’t she

Not an ounce of the known Shehla Bakshi..


Miraculous look magnetic feel

Every beholder’s look she did steal

Like a phenomenal essence

She showcased magnificence.

Her style to play with hair

Raised many eyes who really care.


The yellow attire did fire

A salvo and I sank in the quagmire,

Waiting for help but there was none.

I thought the entirety was fun

But alas! I learned late

That yellow attire sealed my fate.


The fairy dressed in black

Let her tresses woo…

Like an assassins attack

Her eyes did what they had to do.

Hair left open flowing on the either shoulders

Mesmerizing as always all the beholders.

There was  new aura to the loop

She looked full of hope,

Wish the heart was young there was ample scope.


And then the last nail hammered in the coffin!

She wasn’t the fairy today but she wrestled the heart

A twinkle in her eyes and she was assessed smart.

Her rose petals bore the chocolate kissed smile

More than my comprehension she knows it for sure

When she would draw herself to mirror

She will get to know who all she can cure.

beautiful woman

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Sun 14th Jun 2020 00:58

Colors display vibrancy. It displays beauty beyond words. Beautifully written.

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