Pink Jealousy

Rhythms of pink the color prejudiced

I looked at my heart and into two it was sliced

In the backdrop of life simple yet rustic

The girl in the display picture looks fantastic…

The factor oomph! The factual smile

She is new to me perhaps new for a whole while.

I felt I knew her but I cannot recapture any thought

I kept thinking and thinking, thinking a lot…

Utterly pretty she looks convincingly gorgeous

Who is she? The very thought strikes my conscious!

Leaving behind a trail of memories with myself flabbergasted…

I know her or I don’t know her… My mind looks spell-casted.

Sometimes once in a while some images infuse an effect

I wish I could cherish this image, this one has effervescence to reflect

I wish this image had passed the eye when the wrinkles were yet to come

The mind would have bowed down to the lady who appeared simply awesome.

beautiful woman

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