It seems worth it now 

all the pain and loss and grieving 

It is more manageable

to cope with what almost killed me 

So much easier to see that the harm caused was temporary 

The bruises yellowed until my soft skin became mine again 

The scars that lingered are healing after all this time 

and with each deep breath I am able to let go a little more 

to drift within the safety of this mind and float away 


I am where I always needed to be

within arms I beg to relieve me

from the sadness that I continued to hold onto 

so tight until it made these palms bleed 


I could not let it win 

I was no longer willing to let the pain I carried weigh me down and drown me 

but you helped me learn to swim 




- this body feels like mine again, after so long of feeling like a trespasser 


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Tue 17th Mar 2020 16:00

I like this Cait, nicely stated.

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