Small Beginnings

She was cold as ice 

white as snow 

something everyone else 

would easily know 


For this one soul 

her heart would break 

and from all that is bad 

something good, they would make 


He made her thaw 

and she began to melt 

with kisses so tender 

she had no doubt 


That this right now 

where she ought to be 

was the safest of all 

she need not flee 


He was pure 

so gracious and kind 

even when he was gone 

lingering in her mind 


She waits at the window 

sipping ginger tea 

for her love to return 

I am she 

◄ The Destination & The Journey

21:59 ►


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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 13:56

Love this one Cait. Thanks for sharing!


Mon 2nd Mar 2020 13:16

This is an amazing till now....I liked it Cait.👍

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