I feel a little more me today 

The crying spell has passed 

With each hour, ticking by softly, my lungs awaken

I breathe easier now


I enjoyed my morning coffee 

Sat by the steamy windows 

Watching the sunrise slowly emerge from behind the dewy grass 


Colour is returning to my cheeks 

Repairing some part of the fragile soul I was two days ago


I dream 


But they are no longer relentless nightmares like before 


I had to breakdown 

Live in the worst part of the destruction 

In order to breakthrough 


It is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel 

When you have your eyes closed 

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Cait Abbott

Wed 20th Nov 2019 07:36

Thank you both for your kind words. These past few weeks have done more damage to me than I could ever imagined, but somehow I’m grateful for it.

Being truly in my worst state made me realise that I’ve been in it for longer than I thought and now I can finally begin to get better.


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Tue 19th Nov 2019 21:12

I remember looking out of the window Cait, and seeing for the very first time, the green of the grass and the wonder of the breeze, as it passed through the leaves and swaying branches.

I was aware for the next 28days I was never (left) alone.

Your words have enthralled and captivated me.

That was a lifetime ago.

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Kate G

Mon 18th Nov 2019 08:26

This felt intimate, like I was peaking in on a moment I shouldn't have glimpsed. You have a wonderful quality in your writing Cait. Thanks for sharing.

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