I could lie like this forever 

in the small cocoon of your little room 

a sanctuary where I can let the stresses of the day subside 

with the touch of a hot shower to wash away the shadows that linger 

under our tired eyes 

such tired eyes that still find happiness in your face 

but here we are living 

despite it all 

we are here breathing 

letting each exhale heal some sadness that we both have carried for far too long 

finally finding the antidote to the poison 

he is my cure 

my lighthouse on the shore 

the weight and the burden I have borne is falling loose 

with you 

it is like stepping into warm sunlight on a summer afternoon 

wet hair dripping down my back 

your gaze contents me 

and my only wish 

is that it could always be 




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Cait Abbott

Mon 9th Mar 2020 07:46

Thank you Po, your words mean a lot to me

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