Plans for the Future

When this is all over

We will find our way back home 


We are busy making plans for after 

Each day we wake up apart, we are one day closer to waking up together again 

The distance is difficult 

The sheer lack of control is stifling 




Days of celebration are coming 

Quiet afternoons in the sun, dozing next to you in a lounger 

Where I can finally feel safe and protected again 

Eccentric nights out with friends 

Where the touch of your hand on my waist in the dark is enough to tell me we are here living still 

We will let those late nights and drowning music surround us once again 

When this is all over 


And lazy mornings where we sip coffee in bed 

Drifting in and out of consciousness

I'll only let you sleep in till 10 

Much longer than that and I cannot bear to not see your eyes open at the sight of me 

So that once again you can see the look of love that graces my face each time I gaze at the sight of you 

This will be the goodness 

of after


I will try not to struggle too much 

It is awful leaving you when I do not know when I can return 

Being by your side has quickly become my safe place


We are busy making plans for after 

my safe place and I 

◄ Hindsight

Final Closure ►


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